Take Your Damn Mask, Roll It in a Ball and Cram It in Your Pizza Pipe

In the initial months of the outbreak the demand for masks far surpassed the supply. So, those evil capitalist private American companies shutdown production lines of their typical products to make the conversions in their equipment to produce millions of masks (In addition to hand sanitizer, other PPE supplies and ventilators and other equipment) for not only the American masses to buy but to provide for the nation’s hospital workers … who found themselves in very extreme short supply for such an unexpected and quick moving outbreak of an unknown virus that filled their hospitals with infected victims. Why the supply deficits? Why? Because during and after the last major influenza outbreak the presidential administration did not replenish the federal stockpile of depleted PPE, most especially the N95 masks. Um, to be clear, that would be the Obama administration.

Aside from the lockdowns, nothing in these last 8-9 months of the China plague has been so convoluted and unfounded than the mandating of wearing masks. Hell, Joe Biden has vowed that within moments of his swearing-in on his inauguration day he will make a federal/national mask mandate forcing Americans to wear the bloody rags on their putrid faces, or else. Well, even now old Joe’s twisting and wriggling a bit on that. But hey, don’t get Joe started on, you know, the thing— the lockdown thing. He’s all in for that too … even though more and more actual non-politicized, empirically based scientists are saying the lockdowns have not been and are not a good thing.

There are many videos of many of the alleged top ‘experts’ all going back and forth on the wearing of face masks to stop the spread of the virus. Hell, people who have dared appear in public without one have been talked at and even physically attacked. And politicians and MSM wankers have declared that those who refused to wear a mask were attempted murders.

Yes, Virginia, ‘mask shaming’ and ‘mask bullying’ is now a very real practice in our society. There are lots of videos online. I know, I have seen them for months. That, and the whole six-foot-personal-space thing. Go into a store or business and the floor is now taped-off like the ‘hit-your-mark’ tape spots on a theater stage. But you know the place where you are miraculously safe from the Wuhan plague? In the streets with hundreds of antifa and blm thugs bullying and beating innocent people, and torching vehicles and businesses… after looting them, of course. Yeah, that herd of people are automatically immune from the virus … no “super spreader events” there, or, you know, the MSM Would be reporting it… But I digress.

Joe Hoft: CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then to Wear Masks, Then Masks Were Better than Vaccines – Now New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective

But again, as the CDC has done with this virus, and the particulars by which to deal with it, for the better part of 2020, their “science” (you know, that thing Nancy Pelosi says Pres. Trump doesn’t follow as she wears her mask around her neck, or not at all if she’s just been shampooed and has had a ‘blow-out’) … the CDC mask science has again changed…

California Globe: New CDC Study Finds Majority Of Those Infected With COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks

Once again it appears there are conflicting facts, data and plenty of opinions about the efficacy of wearing masks to prevent contracting the Coronavirus.

In addition to causing “maskne” and skin infections on the face and around the mouth, persistent coughing, “mask mouth,” and respiratory illnesses including lung infections, it turns out that most everyone infected with COVID-19 “always” wore masks, according to a newly published study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study found 74.2% reported wearing masks “always” while 14.5% worse masks “often.”

It is difficult not to conclude that wearing non-surgical cloth face masks or face coverings does little to prevent contracting the coronavirus….

Read the whole thing.

And yet…

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson: What is the scientific rationale for wearing masks?

VIDEO: Is there a pro-mask orthodoxy emerging among scientists? ‘Unreported Truths’ author and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson speaks out on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Anyone a few ounces shy of a gallon of medical knowledge or common sense knows the disposable face masks we are buying by the box, or ordering online for pretty or cute or designer aesthetics, cannot impede the virus. They are not custom-fitted to the individual wearer’s face, hence, not air-tight and air and anything in that air does sneak in around the perimeter. However, not only that aspect, but the fact that the microscopic molecules and viruses can actually pass through the weave of most masks.

Meanwhile, at the attempted handmaid witch trial of Amy Coney Barrett, these “science” championing progressive democrat senators seek a “super-spreader event” … or are they also a small herd of the immune, because they are participating in a bullying, looting and torching of a Trump nominee for the SCOTUS? Because I would wager there is some infectious virus right in there.

Twitchy: We don’t see any masks or social distancing in this huddle of Democratic senators

And this…

Ace: The Red Queen Nancy Pelosi Melts Down Over Being Questioned Over Her Refusal to Pass Coronavirus Relief

Betsy McCaughey: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘COVID relief’ bill is mainly just a left-wing wish list

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  1. […] My previous post on the back-and-forth crap over masks during this pandemic. Especially this link from just two weeks ago where GWP highlights the WHO/CDC constant contradictions over masks: CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then to Wear Masks, Then Masks Were Better than Vaccines – Now New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective […]


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