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The Re-Education and Brainwashing Going On in Our Country is a Plague Upon Our History, and Our Future…

There has, for the last several decades, always been somebody or group somewhere pushing censorship of some book, or movie, or TV show, whatever, that does not fit the limit of their feelings-based tolerances. Whether it is political or ideological opposing views, or artistic license. For Christians and conservatives abominations like the “Piss Christ”/dung Mary/ lick-chocolate-Jesus creations of artists, and “The Last Temptation of Christ”, and then the whole “Harry Potter” series of books and films promoting witchcraft. While the worst creations of Christianity/Christ fit into the obscene category they were not based in historic context, but with the intention of shocking and outraging people of faith, based in the artists’ opposition to the Christian faith. I mean, Christians and Christ are the only segment of humanity that can successfully be insulted like this without, you know, beheading people over it. Yes, Christians protested the art museum showing and the movie theater showing the movie. But, well, I’ll just leave it right here (recall the “Draw Muhammad” event and aftermath).

So, let’s jump forward to the current insanity that is very much also feelings based, and focused on erasing this nation’s history…

Telegraph (2/12/18): Harper Lee and Mark Twain banned by Minnesota schools over racial slurs

BI: Uncle Ben’s rice and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup announce plans to change their logos tied to racial stereotypes … For the factual record, “Mrs. Butterworth” is a white woman, not a black woman.

Yes, the use of the “N” word Is disgusting. However, there is far more to its use in the historical and context of the literature. A lot of artistic creations today, hip-hop/rap music and certain movies, do not dissuade the word’s use but promote and condone it with their rationalizing of using it. But really, who exactly gets to decide that which must be censored or ‘canceled’ and what can remain unscathed by the mob, and exactly where and why they alone get that “privilege” and power over everyone else? Is Alex Haley’s “Roots” up for scrutiny under these new fascistic determinations of “free expression” allowances? If they can stick a knife in “Gone With The Wind”, why not “Roots” or “Amistad” or “12 Years a Slave” depicting the use of the “N” word and other derogatory language to blacks who are depicted as slaves? What about the Blaxploitation genre of movies of 50 years ago? They reflected the hip and groovy era of sex, drugs, music, etc. that whites and blacks were living at that time. Where does it stop? Does it stop at all?

Trying to censor and silence the past? It is a very ignorant and failed attempt at time travel by unserious, willfully ignorant hackers of history. These literary pieces are keyholes into the culture of that era in our history. They are important, on many levels. They’re supposed to make you feel uncomfortable and angry. And guess what? You do not have to watch or read them, any more than you are forced to view a Crucifix of Jesus Christ in a jar of somebody’s urine, or sit through the masterpiece mess of “The Last Temtation of Christ”… or even Mel Gibson’s deemed “racist, ‘gratuitously violent’ “The Passion of The Christ”. The Mark Twain and Harper Lee books are like snapshots of an era of culture in our country/society that, for the most part, moved far away from it. This country has spent generations transforming itself from this era. It is not where we are now. But we must look back on it to understand the human condition, man’s inhumanity to man, and yes racism and bigotry. And we must also be able to see the failures of that era in order to fully understand and appreciate our accomplishments.

However, the powers that be inside this Marxist based/driven movement cannot allow us to look into that keyhole for a fuller context of where we were and where we are right now because it diminishes their fake premise and false narrative that we are still in that era when we are NOT. So, our literature must be censored, banned and even destroyed. It’s what every fascist And communist does. Destroys history and obliterates full context. I would wager, if it could be somehow measured in a representative calculated average, the use of the “N” word, for example, is used far more openly and routinely by the black community and black artists/writers and performers in music and stage comedy than by the white population. I could get in trouble saying that. But Hell, we get in trouble pointing out things like the data of black-on-black crime/murders and the abortion rates of black unborn babies. You see, we are not allowed to bring up such facts. It’s almost as if you’re drawing Muhammad, or somesuch.

These same people stirring the racial shit pot with the Marxist sickle in our country in order to foment full-on chaos and civil division in order to conquer our republic and society are the first to shove communist revisionist history down your throat when you point out the last century’s bloody and deadly well-over 100 million deaths by communists and “socialists” around the world for over 100 years. They are the ones who snipe that The Holy Bible itself is rife with hate, violence and death. Well, okay.

Imagine our Bible’s history beginning with the Adam and Eve chapters and then going directly to the News Testament. Jesus Christ and His meaning would seem aimless and unnecessary, right? Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden and thrust into an existence of hardships and not only their own sins but the massive collateral damage the sins of others inflicts. To go from one ‘garden’ and end up in another ‘garden’ with the Son of God on His knees in tears and pleading with His Father has little to absolutely no context of what and how humanity was brought to that moment in the universal history. By the way, it is those chapters of the Bible that those who insist “that book is the most violent book ever written!” refer to.

Understand the total loss of meaning in the context of the whole journey, bad and good, if chapters of history are removed. Imagine the power that those who would do these sort of censorship moves have over the rest of us and our future generations. We’re seeing it now with the asinine kowtowing to the neo-fascists in all the kneeling and apologizing for centuries old sins we did not commit, and those who did have long since answered for when their own call to judgment arrived. To kneel and set yourself on fire with baseless apologies for something you have not done and are not responsible for is to willingly and foolishly aid and abet in somebody else’s bearing false witness, in my opinion.

Imagine an amnesia patient with nobody around who knows him/her to remind him where he had been in life and what the world was like in his life and environment. That would give complete power of suggestion and “re-education” to those directly influencing him now to mold him into the person they believe is best suited for him. The left cannot control us without imposing cultural amnesia on us … no matter how many generations and centuries ago … and then guilting, intimidating, and punishing us for a past we did not have even a distant a hand in, but they insist we are responsible for. Yet, they insist in burning that past as some sort of retribution, creating a paradox for the world they are determined the rest of us live in under their judgmental and oppressive thumb. If you destroy things like these cultural era books and movies and caricatures, instead of using them as teachable materials and examples, then you have also removed that evidence that it even existed/happened. So, you know what, what exactly are you so outraged about if it, you know, no longer exists because you destroyed it?? This is Marxism and communism, enforced by fascism. This is Orwellian.

This is what happened every time Marxism took over, from Russia to China to North Korea to Vietnam and its surrounding little communist enclaves, and it is happening with “fundamental” Islamic groups who have adopted these tactics from communists.

But to know this BLM movement is indeed crap, especially from political hanger-ons (see; democrats and the MSM), all you have to do is hold your nose and look at the aggressive virus of hypocrisy…

Twitchy: And our media is *DEAD* silent on it’: Virginia Dems announce speaker for party’s ‘virtual convention’ and inspire a shot/chaser for the ages

Yes, the blackface governor of Virginia still has his position of power because, plain and simple, “he’s a democrat”. And now he is being given the honor of addressing the DNC’s convention. However, everyone’s job/career reputation and very life must burn to ashes…

Twitchy: ‘Pure trash’: Washington Post under fire after getting a random woman fired over a Halloween costume from 2 years ago

Twitchy: The WaPo editor behind the Megyn Kelly blackface story has a history of outing random people

ROBBY SOAVE: The Washington Post’s Halloween Costume Hit Job Is a New Low for Cancel Culture: There was absolutely no reason to run this.

The Blaze: Internet tries to cancel Domino’s Pizza over nearly 8-year-old tweet to Trump’s press secretary: The absurdity … it burns! … It was ‘never-Trump’ “republican” Rick Wilson, who is now well-known for his crap, who dug up the tweet from McEnany’s Twitter account that she tweeted… years ago in college.

Mediaite: Rick Wilson Owned by Domino’s Pizza During Twitter Spat Over Kayleigh McEnany


The Blaze: Video shows Black Lives Matter protester freak out when her baby stops breathing — then run to a cop for help

The Blaze: Two black women pay for white cop’s meal, leaving a note: ‘Black Lives Matter, but so does yours!’ – Deputy Jody McDowell was touched by the gesture that occurred at a Nashville Cracker Barrel

David Kopel: The pro-slavery origins of American gun control

JTN: TV host Terry Crews says he’s personally experienced ‘black supremacy,’ calls out Joe Biden: ‘I’ve experienced whole organizations that have viewed themselves, because of the suffering of black people, they have decided that now we’re not equal, we’re better and I think that’s a mistake’

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