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Always Remember To Move The Decimal Point…

Here are some interesting finds out and about on the interwebs… Wear your COVID-19 mask, of course…

PM: This Engineer’s Never-Miss Basketball Hoop Will Make Anyone Look Like Jordan: All it took was some math, physics, computer simulations, and a CNC router.

DM: Pentagon declassifies and officially releases three UFO videos – including the infamous ‘Tic Tac’ clip – taken by US Navy pilots and confirms the aircraft are ‘unidentified: Pentagon released footage showing ‘unexplained aerial phenomena’ on Monday. ‘The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified’,’ the Department of Defense said in a statement. One video shows 2004 ‘Tic Tac’ incident that was recorded over Pacific Ocean. A second video was captured off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, in 2015…

PM: The Navy Has Officially Released the UFO Videos – We were never supposed to see them. … How obvious is the possible/probable fact that the Wuhan COVID-19 virus is a lab designed bio-weapon? Our government is finally acknowledging ‘alien’ “UFOs” have been encountered all along, instead of detailing they know exactly what the Wuhan flu really is. Think about that for a moment.

EnGadget: USGS releases first complete geologic map of the Moon: You can study the lunar surface in unprecedented detail. … Obviously a massive paintball war happened there.

Robert Zimmerman: A Martian lava flood plain

Strategy Page: Space: Russia Adapts To Defeat: Russia is trying to adapt to its reduced presence in space. While Russia still spends about $1.6 billion a year on its space program, even that is a financial strain… … Time to stop hitching expensive rides to and from space with the Putin Express. Ball’s in your court, NASA.

Irish Examiner: Asteroid classed as ‘potentially hazardous object’ set to pass Earth on Wednesday: An asteroid more than a mile wide is set to make a pass by Earth on Wednesday, although scientists insist it poses no danger…

PM: At the Bionic Olympics, Engineers and Athletes Make Miracles: The futuristic tech and human ingenuity that’s redefining what it means to be paralyzed

Science Alert: Scientists Have Recreated Ancient Battles to Solve Debate Over Ancient Bronze Swords

DM: Day of the condors: Hungry birds of prey eye up terrified poodles just the other side of glass window in penthouse apartment in Chile: Footage shows moment huge birds size up dogs inside South American city flat. The puppies bark excitedly as their visitors prowl up and down outside window. Condors are the world’s largest flying birds in combined weight and wingspan…

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