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Der Führer Fascist Disease: The Wuhan Flu’s Secondary Infection

When you go full fascist.
Never go ‘full fascist’.
Der Führer Comrade Bill officially sanctions the NYC citizen Nazi STASI…

Anthony Leonardi: Bill de Blasio asks New Yorkers to take photos of people violating social distancing rules

David Marcus: De Blasio Wants New Yorkers To Rat On Neighbors. Don’t Do It. New Yorkers have done a great job flattening the curve of coronavirus. Now is not the time to start informing on each other.

Twitchy: ‘Texting now…’: Bill de Blasio solicits photos of social distancing violators in NYC (and it’s ALREADY backfiring on him)

FNC: Michigan businesses sue Gov. Whitmer over executive order

Twitchy: New Jersey woman charged with organizing a protest against state’s stay-at-home orders

Sister Toldja: NC Governor Gives Troubling Answer on Church Gatherings, Encourages Counties to Be More Restrictive If Needed

Twitchy: Proud mayor of California’s biggest sanctuary city urges residents to ‘report non-essential businesses that are operating illegally’

Newt Gingrich: Coronavirus crisis makes some leaders believe they have god-like decision-making capacity

Rebel News: “Social distancing” police fined a man $1,200 for feeding homeless people in Calgary.

These filthy Schiff-stains are always on the wrong side of everything…

Julio Rosas: Adam Schiff Begs Trump to Stop Blaming China and the WHO for the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

Twitchy: Nancy Pelosi’s Feb. 24th stroll in Chinatown telling the little people ‘it’s safe out there’ bites her in the A*S on Fox News Sunday (watch)

Christian Toto: Anti-Trump celebrities now targeting Trump supporters … In these last two decades the limo-lib elites in the celebrity bubble has shown themselves to be self-centered fascists who don’t give two farts about the American people who have made them rich and famous. Now they are infamous for their bullshit views and opinions of us.

The MSM continues to assume history began on 1/20/17.
But FACTS keep kicking them in the smug face…

WE: ‘When did you hear the grant was made?’: Trump rips reporter for question about US grant to Wuhan lab

JTN: Media Bias: Soledad O’Brien describes senator as “cowardly,” president as a “bombastic bully”

NB: ABC, NBC Chide Unemployed Protesters as ‘AsrtoTurf,’ Not The Majority

Really Reality…

DON SURBER: Red Chinese Disease blacklash begins.

NYPost: With China’s economy on life support, it’s time to turn off the ventilator.

LI: The world begins to “social distance” itself from China in the wake of the pandemic.

John James: Coronavirus and China – US must make these critical items here at home

Rick Moran: Police Arrest 14 Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong


CNBC: Coronavirus tests were delayed by contamination at CDC lab, report says.

JTN: Dead people are receiving $1,200 coronavirus stimulus payments, lawmaker says: The IRS declined to comment when asked about how the agency plans to reclaim payments made to deceased individuals or inmates

The Hill: South Carolina to reopen public beaches, retail stores next week amid pandemic

TTOS: Top Israeli prof claims simple stats show virus plays itself out after 70 days: Isaac Ben-Israel, who is not a medical expert, says analysis worldwide shows new cases peaking after about 40 days, slams economic closures; leading doctor dismisses his claims

Matt Margolis: Here’s How Much Downstate New York Is Skewing the United States’ Coronavirus Numbers

David Marcus: The Lockdown Is Loosening Whether Government Likes It Or Not: It is the American people, not the government who will decide when this lockdown is over. And they are getting closer to that decision.

STEPHEN MOORE: Coronavirus and the left’s radical ‘degrowth’ movement

Lisa Schiffren: The Wu Flu: Even Better than the Green New Deal

While everyone else is miserable right now, the International “climate change” community is delirious with joy. They have won. On pretty much every action item, and a few they want but won’t admit to (such as population reduction), they’ve seen the entire world surrender to their agenda. Since February 1, every environmental dream of Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their Green New Deal collaborators has been realized.

And all it took was a little bio-engineered bat virus! Thank you, Wuhan!

Read the whole thing.

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