Developing: The WHO and US CDC Go All-In for Common Core ‘Mathing’ COVID19 Death Numbers…

And here we go… again…

GWP: HUGE! From CDC Website: Hospitals to List COVID-19 as Cause of Death Even if It’s “Assumed to Have Caused Or Contributed to Death” – Lab Tests Not Required

The Coronavirus crisis took the US by storm, spiking unemployment and crashing the stock market virtually over night.

The media is bombarding Americans around the clock with updates on the death count, highlighting death maps and scaring people into staying home.

Governors are forcing small businesses to shut down and threatening to jail anyone who violates their authoritarian social distancing orders.

The media hysteria is based on a Bill Gates-funded IHME Coronavirus model that has been proven to be way off.

It gets worse…

The amount of Americans who are reported to have died from the Coronavirus is based on a CDC coding system that will “result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

A new ICD code was established to keep track of Coronavirus deaths.

The U07.1 code will be used for death by Coronavirus infection.

However, there’s another secondary code, U07.2, “for clinical or epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 where a laboratory confirmation is inconclusive or not available,” the CDC guidelines read.

“Because laboratory test results are not typically reported on death certificates in the U.S., NCHS is not planning to implement U07.2 for mortality statistics.”

This is a huge problem.

“The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate. However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID- 19 being the underlying cause more often than not,” the guidelines read.

“COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death,” CDC guidelines issued March 24 read. “Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc.,” the guidance continued.

“If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions can be reported in Part II.”…

Fucking despicable.

And even worse, our own MSM and the democrat party are more than willing to go along with bullshit without question or ‘investigating’. They parrot and hype the numbers at will. The MSM is now in the practice of reporting the deaths of older notable people as vague additions to these COVID19 death numbers, without confirmation. And as stated, those people’s chronic underlying health/medical conditions are down in the second or third paragraph on the stories. Insanity! And this as the MSM insists the President is ‘lying’???

WHO: Strategic preparedness and response plan for the new coronavirus

I’ll say it again…

This sort of dishonest, non-scientific/forensic “fudging” crap was done by the ‘humanitarian’, UN dust-kickers, doctors w/o borders, WHO, the British Lancet journal, and other progressive antiwar/anti-American groups when ‘counting’ the collateral dead Iraqis during the Iraq war. They didn’t count graves or have forensic evidence of the “estimated” numbers of Iraqi dead they were presenting to the world media. And when pressure mounted they inserted the words “violent civilian deaths”, that could’ve been anything from a car bomb in a marketplace to a pissed-off Iraqi husband killing his disobedient wife. They were asking Iraqis about friends/family/neighbors they hadn’t seen since the US Coalition campaign started into Iraq, and then counting them as dead, and even adding numbers to that in an asinine ‘give or take’ worse than common core math practice, and this as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syrian and Jordanian borders had Iraqi refugees flooding in, Turkey forbidding them entry.


DM: Did coronavirus leak from a research lab in Wuhan? Startling new theory is ‘no longer being discounted’ amid claims staff ‘got infected after being sprayed with blood’

Stephen L. Miller: Questioning coronavirus origins is not a conspiracy: It’s up to the media to discover the truth, not accept answers at face value

Glenn Reynolds:

CHINA MUST BE ISOLATED FROM THE WORLD COMMUNITY UNTIL IT BECOMES CIVILIZED: Blame the Chinese Communist Party for the coronavirus crisis.

Latika Bourke: China should be sued for $6.5 trillion for coronavirus damages says top UK think tank: For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here.

Tim Blair: Via Local Commie Underlings, Beijing Officially Disapproves

Cleta Mitchell: The Real Coronavirus Chronology Shows Trump Was On Top Of It While Biden Was Mocking The Danger: No media or Nancy Pelosi false narratives or phony Joe Biden campaign ad can change the truth about the real chronology of the coronavirus.

If Pelosi believes the president should have done something at the beginning, when exactly does she think was the ‘beginning’? Was it during the impeachment proceedings that Pelosi instigated? Should Pelosi bear some responsibility for what she perceives as the president’s failure to focus on the coronavirus back in January?

“The single most important step taken by President Trump was his closing of U.S. travel with China, which happened on Jan. 31, something the president reminds us at every briefing.

“He’s right, but what he doesn’t say is he made that decision at a time the CDC was assuring us the risk to America was low, the WHO was covering for China, Democrats were trying to impeach the president, and Biden was attacking the decision as xenophobic….

Exactly, and no matter how much the MSM and democrats keep pushing this crap and nobody is buying it.

A. G. Hamilton: The Media Owe Senator Tom Cotton an Apology: He never said China intentionally released the coronavirus, and his suggestion that the disease originated in a Wuhan laboratory looks increasingly plausible.

Twitchy: CNN FAIL: Jake Tapper demands to know Trump’s plan for action, fails to mention his network won’t show entire briefings

Andy Puzder: In coronavirus crisis, Trump displays leadership Americans expect and want

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine: America is at war and Trump is the leader we need: The president is in full-throttle wartime mode as a general protecting his citizens.

RS: Boom: Greg Gutfeld Busts Media Matters Again With What They Were Saying About Fox and Virus In January

VIDEO: Greg Gutfeld: COVID-19 exposes the uselessness of the media’s identity obsessions: What happened to depicting America on the brink of civil war?

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