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Crashing and Burning: Nancy’s Political “Impeachment” Gambit is Falling Apart and Failing

Burn, baby. Burn.

Brooke Singman: Pressure mounts on Pelosi to transmit impeachment articles, as Dems lose patience

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing rising pressure to transmit articles of impeachment against President Trump to the Senate, as members of her own party signal they are losing patience with her delay tactics.

Pelosi, D-Calif., indicated to Democratic colleagues — first on Tuesday in a memo, and again on Thursday during a press conference — that she plans to continue to hold onto articles of impeachment, at least until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., releases a resolution outlining the terms for a Senate trial.

“We need to see the arena in which we are sending our [impeachment] managers. Is that too much to ask?” Pelosi said Thursday, adding she first wants to know the “terms of engagement” for a Senate trial and voicing concern that senators won’t be impartial.

Still, Pelosi said she won’t hold the articles indefinitely, and suggested she could send them soon.

This comes as Democrats on both sides of Capitol Hill are saying it’s time for the trial — on allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — to proceed in the Senate.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wash., was the latest influential figure to deliver that message Thursday morning — before he reversed himself just a few hours later….

Well, Nancy has him on ‘speed-dial’, you know. She has this guy’s number too…

FNC: House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wa., quickly changed course after telling CNN on Thursday that it was time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to move to an impeachment trial in the Senate.

Breitbart: Feinstein Rips Pelosi for Holding Impeachment Articles: ‘I Don’t See What Good Delay Does’ … No doubt DiFi’s gotten a call by now too.


FNC: McConnell rejects Pelosi’s demand to release Senate impeachment trial

Important to note that Rep. Devin Nunes has been proven right on pretty much everything these last few years…

FNC: Nunes slams IG probing Trump-Ukraine whistleblower case: ‘Origins of this investigation are shady and don’t make sense’

Laura Ingraham (VIDEO): Republicans investigate intel community IG over handling of whistleblower complaint: “Of the eighteen closed-door impeachment interviews it’s so curious, isn’t it, that Atkinson’s is the only one that Schiff is withholding…”

Herman Cain: TIME: Nancy Pelosi got the genius idea to delay impeachment from watching TV – specifically, CNN

Bravo, CNN. You’re the impetus behind Nancy Pelosi moving “smartly and strategically” ….into the dumper.

DC: Liz Cheney: ‘Speaker Pelosi Is An Embarrassment And Unfit For Office’

Any office, especially the one Nancy’ appears to be aiming for … the Oval Office.

You see, I am growingly convinced the woman is trying her damnedest to dig a tunnel (much like those drug cartel tunnels we find at the US border) into the White House. She believes all she has to do is get rid of Trump, and then Pence, and she is in. It is very clear the only thing that makes this woman more drunk than her pricy monthly booze bill is power. But she’s a damn sloppy, pantsuit-pissing drunk. And a YUGE fucking coward. She’s not ‘brave’ doing this impeachment crap, not when the MSM is well-tucked in her 18-hour bra. If Nancy Pelosi wants to be POTUS so damn bad and is as much of an awesome political prima-gambler as everyone claims she is, she should have the balls to jump into the DNC race, raise money and run against the rest of the filthy rich white privileged geriatric democrats farting their socialism-to-complete-totalitarian-communism agenda plans on the debate stage, win the nomination and run against Trump in 2020. I mean, how much worse can her gaffes be than Biden’s?

Trey Gowdy: Trump impeachment trial is not about him. THIS is what Democrats want now

Nathanael Blake: ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Explains Why Trump’s Impeachment Is A Sham: Our elites are incompetent and morally degenerate, producing a credibility crisis for our leaders and institutions.


Twitchy: ‘Their BIGGEST nightmare’: Jason Beale’s thread about what an objective reflection of Trump’s presidency would look like just DESTROYS the Left

VIDEO: Charles Payne: In the midst of a shared ‘prosperity explosion’ – Charles Payne takes a look a Michael Bloomberg’s economic record and says the “lower economic rung” is now doing better than they have in a long time

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