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Tuesday ‘Bad News Bears’…

WTF is wrong with nursing home/AL employees?
How would they feel if one of their facility-housed family members was treated the way we often hear staffers treat helpless residents? Oh, yeah, they’d be demanding jail time and suing said facility…

NYPost: Assisted living staffers accused of running dementia patient fight club

Hey, but cheap at twice the price…

Life News: Woman Pays $10,000 to Have Her 32-Week-Old Unborn Baby Aborted

Yeah, it’s a worst case “Munchausen syndrome by proxy” but what was her healthcare provider and why did it continue to pay doctors and surgeries? And who are the medical professionals that did not recognize exactly what was going on and put the child through this madness…

NYPost: Mom jailed for putting son through needless surgeries that left him in wheelchair

We are not even safe when we are dead, apparently…

LATimes: In the rush to harvest body parts, death investigations have been upended

What a world! What a world!

FNC: California man confesses to 4 murders, shows up at police station with one victim’s body

The most asinine thing you’ll hear coming out of an office inside the halls of “higher education”— this week…

TDW: SpongeBob Squarepants Is A ‘Violent,’ ‘Racist’ Colonizer, College Professor Says

Mob rule…

CBS Philly 3: Group Of Approximately 200 Juveniles Disrupts Traffic, Businesses In Northeast Philadelphia, Police Say

Blueprints of the self-anointed overlords…

Powerline: Dairy Cows: Tangled Up In the Green New Deal – The Green New Deal, and similar environmental initiatives, have little to do with the environment and much to do with the Left’s desire to control every aspect of our lives.


What will YOU be watching instead of tonight’s 2020 dem debate?

Twitchy: Thought experiment: What’s one question you’d like candidates to answer at Tuesday’s debate?

Me: Well, I DVR recorded Sunday’s ‘The Walking Dead’ episode. I’ll watch that. ‘The Whisperers’ have pretty much the same ideology and end-goals as the dem-socialists that’ll be jabbering on stage, but have better costumes.
If I’m going to be bored it may as well involve fake zombies in zombie ‘skins’ pretending to be thinking zombies instead of stupid braindead socialist zombies in human ‘skins’ looking to eat the rest of the nation…

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