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Thirsty Drops of Wisdom

I don’t know why, but these lyrics are rolling through my head today…

Nobody does it better makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best…


BPR: Fox News poll shows Americans persuaded toward impeachment; Brad Parscale has 4-letter word for it. … The democrats and their handmaid MSM have done yeoman’s work on crafting and spinning the bullshit false narrative.

She’s not wrong…

Breitbart: Report: Paul Ryan (who now sits on the board of Fox Corp.) Pushing Fox News to ‘Decisively Break’ with Trump … So keep that in mind when you see a FOX News poll that just doesn’t seem in-sync with the public mood you’re hearing/seeing. Polls are no longer a gauge of reality. They are all deliberately skewed to manipulate the outcome numbers, be through lopsided party polling and/or the way the questions are worded and presented to manipulate the person being polled. You know, sort of like that issue on your voting ballot that you do/don’t want to pass but cannot figure out if you’re supposed to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for it to pass/not pass.

GWP: STUNNING. FOX News Plays Trick on Viewers – Oversamples Democrats by 14 POINTS in Junk Impeachment Poll

NYPost: Joe Biden calls for Trump to be impeached … Poor Joe.

DC: Trump Issues Executive Orders Designed To Deconstruct The Deep State While Dems Focus On Impeachment … Go get`em, tiger!

CNS News: Susan Rice: I’m ‘Glad’ Republicans Stood Up to Defend the Kurds – ‘I Wish They Would Stand Up to Defend Our Constitution’ … Step off, you lying bitch. For eight years the Obama administration pissed, shit, and spit all over the Constitution. Your ass is also on the line in the coming IG and Barr reports.

AG: Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America: Chelsea Clinton doesn’t want her children to grow up in “Donald Trump’s America.” But the miraculous arrival of Donald Trump may just be a speed bump on the road to Chelsea’s utopia. How would Chelsea’s America be different? … Well, we are already seeing it on various levels with the ‘make up shit/rules as you go along’ democrats, the SJW/WOKE thugs, the dictatorial and bloodthirsty left/Hollywood, the kowtowing to communist China by Hollywood/pro-sports/big-tech, the constant firing of shots at our carved in stone rights, especially #1 and #2, with that whole ‘personal property’ thing on the Orwellian chopping block with every fucking democrat running for 2020. So, wake the hell up, Hillary Jr.

Tucker Carlson: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they are doing – NBC, Hillary Clinton team tried to kill Weinstein story. … That’s one thing I will say about Hillary, she knows where to get the big bucks and will eliminate anyone that gets in her way. Hollywood and the democrats are incestuous whores.

Twitchy: SIREN! President Zelenskiy says ‘We’re ready to investigate Ukraine’s alleged meddling in the US elections’ … He’s now on my Clinton-esque “suicide” watch.

Twitchy: ‘You guys OK?’ Sleeping Giants HILARIOUSLY owned by RedSteeze in heated back and forth about ‘MUH Fox News’ … TDS is a Hell of a drug.

FNC: GM strike forces unpaid workers to skimp on groceries, seek part-time work … Well, yeah. Try having your plant closed.

FPM: The Homeless Myth: It’s not about the real estate, it’s about the drug use and mental illness.

Toto: Comics Maron, Oswalt and Waititi Defend Cancel Culture: Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr and director Todd Phillips lashed out at Cancel Culture. These comics can’t get enough of the status quo. … They’ll be defending public square drawing/disemboweling/quartering next…

THR: “Outstanding,” “Irresponsible”: Oscar Voters React to ‘Joker,’ With Many Avoiding It: “I don’t think the Academy should honor a film with such controversial elements.” … This is so-o-o-o fucking hilarious I can’t even muster a laugh. Where to start? Welp, these are the same shitheads that tore apart Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” for being to0 time-period ethnic, dark, bloody, brutal, torture, violent, etc. for portraying the last day(s) of treatment and execution of Jesus Christ. These are the same damn people that have, for decades, pumped out endless bloody, merciless violence, and darkness in their movies, and praised themselves in their awards shows while spitting back at critics that they have every First Amendment right of ‘free speech’ to make such pop culture deforming shit. You know that whole ‘gun problem’ these assholes are always gnashing teeth about? Hollywood is not only responsible for the hyped gun culture running rampant in our streets/workplaces/schools, but for the disregard-for-life insanity behind it.

Twitchy: Planned Parenthood has a lobbyist in Hollywood to work on injecting pro-abortion storylines into movies and television … Bloodthirsty, baby-eating, demonic whores.

FNC: Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell, Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo at odds over Ellen DeGeneres’ plea for civility … The next time you hear a lib/leftist, especially a Hollywood whore, chide conservatives/republicans/the ‘right’/Trump for the division and “hate speech” and negative rhetoric/tone in this country, remember that the Hollywood whores want division/hate/unrest/disembowelments/etc…

THR: From ‘Gemini Man’ to ‘The Irishman’: Dawn of the De-Aged Actor … I swear they’re doing it (CGI/VFX editing) with Matthew McConaughey. His last couple movies he looked almost as young as the movies at the beginning of his career. Seems only Clint Eastwood has the balls to dare be him “get off my lawn!” self. More proof Hollywood is completely left any measure of the real world behind.

FBN: ‘South Park’ fires F-bomb in response to China ban … Good for them. South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone have always been ‘balls out’ equally with everyone, and is almost a lone voice in this whole dictatorial China bullshit.

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