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“Don’t Limit Me”: A&E’s Outstanding “Born This Way” Will End After Season 5

The cast of A&E’s “Born This Way” from L to R) Elena Ashmore, Megan
Bomgaars, Rachel
Osterbach, Cristina Sanz, John Tucker, Sean McElwee, and Steven Clark.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Weinberg

I’m really rather sad and disappointed about this.

“Born This Way” has been one of the most watch-worthy programs on television. I have been so proud of all involved in bringing these remarkable young adults’ personal stories to a world that typically does not understand or accept Down Syndrome and those who have the condition, and their loving families and friends.

Meghan helping Japanese-born Elena (Japan, where Down Syndrome is shunned and her parents had to move to the U.S.) become accepting, stronger and more self-confident of her DS condition and openly talk about it without shame…

Sean’s fun-loving, humorous, and romantic outlook on life…

“Don’t Limit Me” DS activist Meghan, who built a successful private business with her single mother, but pining to find true love and have a baby, disappointed in the reality of what it would take to be a mother herself..

Levelheaded common sense Steven’s loyalty and friendship with each one of the group…

Rachel, budding actress, with her loving arm around the shoulder of positive support for her friends when they are down, and insisting they were not out

John, Mr. Hip Rap artist, who cut a great CD of his music and is as sharp as a tack with his on-the-spot lyrics…

And then came Rocco a couple of seasons ago. The parents of the young adult cast have been such an inspiration and deep well of information and guidance to his parents. After seasons of watching the young hipsters shop, work, dance, socialize, move out, problem solve, and party we now had a little dude to watch grow into his own…

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of this TV screen-full of wonderful personalities, hearts, souls, and minds of very able individuals. As parents/family, from the very first episode in season 1 of “Born This Way” onward, from the smallest steps to the giant leaps, it has been so uplifting to watch and share little and big pieces of life we have in common with the cast members and with their parents/families.

As a parent of a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome, it has been such a joy to watch these cast members grow as individuals and as a group to seek and obtain their life goals and dreams. Laughed and cried with these remarkable young people seeking independence, and sharing with their loving families how hard it is to ease up on being the protective parent bear. Season 4’s finale with Angel’s and Christina’s beautiful wedding was moment-to-moment tears of pride and joy.

Cristina and Angel walk down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife
Photo Credit: Michael Radford

Note: Angel does not have Down Syndrome, but he does have a special needs condition, Dubowitz Syndrome.

I am so grateful for their graciously allowing me and my family to be a part of their lives. Year to year I have anxiously awaited each season’s premier on A&E, so eager to see what new avenues and accomplishments the castmates would show us. I will so miss them all so much when the program ends. I will be purchasing the complete boxed set, or individual seasons, of A&E’s “Born This Way” if/when it comes out on DVD.

Love and God’s continued blessings on these young go-getters and their families. Don’t limit them!

Deadline: ‘Born This Way’ To End With Digital Wrap-Up Series & Finale Special On A&E

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