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Nearly Three Years Later: Pres. Trump Broke the MSM … He Will Bury Them When He is Re-Elected in 2020

We are just two months shy of the three year anniversary of a non-Washington DC and non-career politician, outsider winning the 2016 presidential election, thereby soundly defeating and collapsing the assumed ascension of Hillary Clinton into the highbacked leather chair of the White House’s Oval Office. This was after eight years of the non-accountable above reproach Barack Obama administration. After over eight years (count in the campaign time) of their hands-off position with Obama, his family and his entire administration — that included Hillary Clinton — (unless it meant defending Obama and the rest of them simply by shouting “racist!”) the American MSM took, that same MSM woke from its comfortably numb slumber with a collective and loud *GASP!* to announce they singularly were now responsible for holding this “Not Hillary, damn it!” president and his administration into account. Yeah, they really did completely believe she would just walk in with her pantsuit finely pressed to prop her cankles up on the H.M.S. Resolute desk … or perhaps she had an old desk that Saul Alinsky had propped his greasy elbows on that she would have swapped it out for. Who knows. Who gives a fuck. Hillary: STILL NOT POTUS!!!

Well, the MSM was so-o-o pissed, to say the least. But not just at Trump, but with the American people. Yes, the MSM has spent the almost three years of Trump’s administration churning out nearly unfair, completely out of context, and even made up, (almost) 100% negative coverage of Pres. Trump and his administration members. However, the MSM most of those times aimed that vitriol and lies at those Americans who dared vote for the man over Hillary, and continue to support him as we are a little over a year away from the 2020 election. Trump is a racist white supremist and everyone and anyone who voted for him in 2016 and will vote for him in 2020 for re-election is a racist white supremist too! The red MAGA Hat is the new KKK hood, dontcha know. And if you are black or any other minority, or a woman, you are deserving of ostracization from society, doxing so that you can be roundly harassed and bullied, black-listed/blackballed, loss of job/income/livelihood and exempt from being treated in any measure of civility. Hell, some on the left have even called for death too.

The American MSM believes all of this is justifiable and even heroic as they even eagerly assist the foam-mouthed mob in these endeavors. And then they scream “danger to democracy!” and “assault on the ‘free speech’ of a free press!” whenever Pres. Trump dares to respond and fight back against their poison pens, keyboards, microphones/cameras, and social media accounts where they spew their completely biased, agenda-driven, dishonest journalistic malpractice not only meant to stab at him with their ‘death by a 1000 cuts’ but to completely misinform and manipulate the American people … and the economy, by the way.

Nearly nobody trusts the MSM anymore … and the small percent that say they do are either working in the MSM or related to someone in the MSM, or the laziest ‘thinkers’ in the nation. This MSM continues to push and completely make up lies of a Trump-Russia collusion to steal the coronation away from their beloved Queen of The Damned, even after it has not only been debunked but has accumulated a mountain of evidence of the massive Deep State via Obama administration coup that had been spun and spun and spun. Nobody in their right mind believes Trump is a racist white supremist, anti-LGBTQ, or immigration-phobe. As I said, none but the laziest of thinkers among us.

We could list Pres. Trump’s many accomplishments over these last three years (especially since the MSM has refused to cover them) but many of us believe his exposure of the MSM for what/who they really are … and totally breaking the left … has been, perhaps, his biggest accomplishment. The American MSM is indeed the PR and propaganda arm of the democrat-socialist party

Julie Kelly: Only the Press Could Get Away With This: Score another victory for the anti-Trump thugs and bullies

Let’s say you are a salesman for a major company and while attending an industry conference, you begin screaming, cursing and threatening one of the hosts—in public.

Or, let’s say you are a manager for a major company and you make up a story about how a competitor secured a bank loan and you spread that baseless rumor throughout the industry.

Or, let’s say you are a secretary for a major company and you scour the social media page of a rival in the secretarial pool, edited one of her dated posts to make it sound much worse than it actually was, and email-blasted it to the entire company in an effort to get her fired.

Or, let’s say you are the chairman of the board of a major company and you direct your underlings to lie to customers and shareholders for three years about something that never happened.

See where this is going?

In any other professional sector outside of the news media, those kinds of activities would amount to fireable offenses. No constitutional protections would apply; no activist groups would rally to your defense; no C-Suite executive would issue a statement in support of your bad behavior; no colleagues would plead your case; no judge would demand that your job be reinstated.

You would be standing in the unemployment line. Justifiably.


But hundreds of tantrums, distortions, and transgressions also fill that blotter. After Trump’s stunning victory, the media signaled that it would finally awake from a nearly decade-long snooze to hold the sitting president accountable for his words and actions. They view themselves not as arbiters in an uncertain political age but as crusaders against a president they consider dangerous who was elected over their collective objection.

Emotional outbursts disguised as serious thought pieces published after Election Day signaled the way the media intended to cover President Donald Trump.


Journalistic codes of conduct, rules, and ethics were set aside in service of a plan to destroy the Trump presidency. Foul language was excused as speaking truth to power; bullying and harassment were considered acts of courage….


The Wrap: ‘Fake News’ Fears: 95% of Americans ‘Troubled’ by Current State of Media, Poll Finds: Study finds that 67% of people think journalistic ethics will be worse during the 2020 election … Ya think?

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