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Early “Hump Day” Post: Eye-Catching Dome Covers

Note: Doing the typical Wednesday “Hump Day” post a day early because tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks…

UPDATE: Found this in my email box yesterday from Twitter Support…


We’re writing to let you know that your account is now unlocked. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

A little background: We have systems that find and remove automated spam Twitter accounts, and it looks like yours was flagged as spam by mistake. This can happen if an account exhibits automated behavior in violation of our rules.

We apologize for the mixup, and hope to see back on Twitter soon.

If you need to get in touch with us again, please file a report through your Twitter app or our forms page, as this account isn’t monitored for replies.



Only took nearly a month. Duh-h-h-h! Here’s the thing, Twitter does things behind the scenes that designates certain conservative blogs and sites as “spam”. If you dare share one or more of their links on Twitter your account will eventually get flagged as “spam”. See how that works? I didn’t actually do anything wrong, except share a link from one of their triple secret probation designated as spam sites because they are on their ‘conservative enemies’ list. No. It’s not “all good”, Twitter. #GFY


RS: Watch: Black Trump Fan at NC Rally Explains Why He Bought the Biggest MAGA Hat He Could Find (cc: Debra Messing) … Well, a big tent needs a big hat.

DC: Dem Congressman Joe Cunningham’s Wife Outraged Obamacare Won’t Cover Couple’s Marriage Counseling … Nice that she outed their marriage on the rocks status.

Breitbart: Documents Appear to Show Todd Palin Filing for Divorce … I guess their healthcare plan doesn’t cover marriage counseling either.

From the files of “We Can’t Have Nice Things”…

DM: Grandfather, 73, reveals that a pair of Jimi Hendrix’s red suede trousers that the guitarist gave him after a gig in 1967 could have been worth £25,000 but are now worthless because he had them altered so he could wear them … Oh, for cripesakes, Grampy!!!

FNC: ‘Storm Area 51’ creator leaves alien-themed festival in shakeup over safety concerns, fear of ‘Fyre Fest 2.0’ … Well, that sucks. Now we’ll never know the truth.

Twitchy: Apparently there are some people out there who are genuinely upset that It’s homicidal clown Pennywise is ‘homophobic’ … Well, damn! If only he were #WOKE he’d be an LGBTQ super-hero.

NME: Vinyl set to outsell CDs for first time since 1986 … I’m telling you right now, that ain’t gonna fit in my car’s CD player.

Gothamist: Why ‘Friends’ Is The Wrong Show To Celebrate In The Trump Era … It’s ALWAYS fucking something with these #WOKE white-guilted ‘white privilege’ fuckheads.

Toys and Games Must Now have Genders…

PM: A Six-Year-Old Girl Asked for Green Army Women. The Toy Company Listened. The iconic green army men are getting an all-female platoon. … If you flip over and read the base does it designate if they’re ‘cis’ or trans or ‘identifies as’ or lesbian women on the bottom? I could see a mixed bag.

Twitchy: From Hasbro to Hasbra? Monopoly looks to take down the patriarchy with a new version of the game that gives women more money … Botox Clinics, nail salons, and consignment shops had damn well better have squares on that board.

NYPost: ‘Inspirational’ Barbies will probably just be tortured by little girls … Well, their dolls not holy relics, so…

Good GAWD!!! This is how/where the zombie apocalypse starts…

Today’s Parent: Why the way we teach kids table manners is actually kind of racist: The message that eating food with your hands is unmannered is dripping with the control and shame of colonization — and we need to rethink our idea of “good manners,” says chef and food activist Joshna Maharaj. … For the record (AGAIN) culture is not race. Also, eating with utensils tends to keep germs from our hands and nails out of our bodies. And why the Hell do we need ‘food activists’?

Science Whatnots…

AT: Once again, climate warriors rescued from their ship trapped in polar ice … A “fossil fuel” burning ship to their rescue. HEH!!!

Dr. Marc Siegel: Is a Dark Ages disease the new American plague threat? … A couple of weeks ago GND-pushing AOC lamented prehistoric diseases reemerging from the ‘melting’ polar ice. Uh-huh. But she and the rest never seem to be able to even admit there is a far more real and urgent disease threat growing by the day in the nation’s homeless mess and the unchecked illegal aliens entering across our border and bringing diseases with them.

MIT: Gene-edited cattle have a major screwup in their DNA: Bid for barnyard revolution is set back after regulators find celebrity “hornless” bovines contaminated by bacterial genes. … Look, all we really care about is can we still toss`em on a grill?

FNC: Video captures rare sighting of venomous copperhead snakes mating on bike trail … Snake porn, or something. Eh, sitting at my Granddaughter’s soccer game this past Saturday we saw two dragonflies doin’ the deed… and flying while ‘in progress’.

FNC: Scientists uncover new evidence of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs … The latest chapter of ‘settled science’ that’ll be changed in a few years from now with something else.

FNC: Hurricane Dorian unearths Civil War cannonballs on South Carolina beach … Eventually real history has a way of coming to the surface.

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