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Newsfeed: Red Flags. Leftist Nags. Body Bags.

Good Monday to ya fine Spectators…

Hands Off Our #2A:

Matt Palumbo: The Problem With “Red Flag” Laws

William A. Jacobson: Protect your rights against those claiming a crisis: This is precisely the time to protect our rights against those peddling a crisis for ulterior motives as part of a total political war.

Rich Welsh: A History Lesson on Why the 2nd Amendment Cannot Be Infringed

Kurt Schlichter: Trump Is Unlikely To Commit Political Suicide by Betraying Us On Guns

Twitchy: ‘A media own goal’: Washington Post page on mass shootings shows how rare they are

FEE: California’s Background Check Law Had No Impact on Gun Deaths, Johns Hopkins Study Finds: The findings—which run counter to the conventional wisdom that gun control saves lives—have received almost no media attention.

The Trace (8/18): Most Active Shooters Use Pistols, Not Rifles, According to FBI Data … Don’t worry, once their left foot is in the door with the AR-15, and it does little to lower the frequency of attacks, they’ll move on to handguns. Never doubt, they have a plan.

From Political Discourse To #WAR:

Roger Kimball: White Supremacy: Like Manna to the Left

VDH: The Strange Case of ‘White Supremacy’

Christopher F. Rufo: Pushback: In some blue cities, a divide is opening between an activist political elite and liberal—but more pragmatic—voters.

Thane Bellomo: We Killed God, Family, And Community — And Now It’s Killing Us: We have discarded social institutions that have helped people understand their value and place in the world for thousands of years. And their decline is not just mirrored in the rise of mass shootings.

Scott McKay: Thank You, Tommy Lee: Mötley Crüe’s washed-up drummer tells the truth about what the Left really wants.

David Catron: Why Trump El Paso Pic Triggered the Left: The photo undermines two carefully cultivated leftist myths.

John Jiang: The Revolution Will Be Triggered: A Democratic socialist convention showcases the self-inflicted impotency of the Left.

Eileen F. Toplansky: Why Are You Relinquishing Your Birthright to the Democrats? … Indeed.

The Climate Change Cult Is Literally Shitting Itself:

We: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Recommends “Pooping Every Other Day” for The Planet

Forbes: Brazil’s President: What Is Wrong With His Poop Advice … It’s not enough these climate fascists insist we have to conform to their ideas of what does/doesn’t go into our mouth, but now they’re reaching to regulate what (and when) comes out of our ass.

Analyze This … No, Seriously, Analyze It:

Daniel John Sobieski: Both Ohrs in Troubled Water

Melissa Mackenzie: On Troubled Young Men: The path to healthy manhood is narrow and treacherous.

Salena Zito: Civility Is Dead – Except In Real Life … The MSM and social media is NOT the pulse of this nation. Zito discovered that in the 2016 election cycle as she strived to cover real Americans on the ground and not on the coastal armpits of the country … and she knew Trump had Hillary beat. As 2020 approaches, she’s there again.

Epstein’s Zombie:

Will Chamberlain: Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Stinks: Those ruling out foul play are being seriously unserious.

Daniel Greenfield: What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein? A mysterious criminal dies a mysterious death.

Judith Miller: The Mysterious, Outrageous Death of Jeffrey Epstein: It’s next to impossible to kill oneself in jail—I know, because I’ve been there.

Twitchy: Disgraced journo Mark Halperin wonders if Jeffrey Epstein is really dead

Ace: Epstein Updates: No Video, No Check-Ins, No Cellmate

Stephen Kruiser: Jeffrey Epstein Totally Gets Vince Fostered … Well, the odds are in that favor, you know.


NYPost: Holocaust survivor celebrates 104th birthday surrounded by 400 descendants

Thomas Lifson: China moving mainland military units into Hong Kong as airport totally closed down

TDW: Top Legal Organization About To Adopt Dangerous ‘Affirmative Consent’ Resolution That Defines All Sex As Rape Unless Otherwise Proven

RCI: In France, Even Muslims Have Had It With Radical Muslims

BBC News: Green MP Caroline Lucas calls for all-female emergency cabinet: “Women are less tribal,” she says as she calls for an all-woman government. … Yep. Go to any women’s march. Tribal gear uniform: pink pussy hats or detailed genitalia costumes/collective synchronized chants/homage to human sacrifice plastered on signs/hive-think/expulsion of any woman who doesn’t adhere to the hive-think.

News You Can Use … But Hope Not To:

Art of Manliness: How to Survive a Plunge Down a Waterfall

LATimes: Review: The mosquito isn’t just annoying — Timothy C. Winegard says we’re at war

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