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Weekend Reads: Apolitical Whatnots!

It’s been one of those weeks … Hasn’t it?

Let’s all take a deep breath or two. Let’s just breathe, shall we?

AnImaL CraKeRs:

We have an Italian Greyhound that thinks she’s a Canada Goose…

FNC: Hilarious pics show deer sitting alongside cows, convinced it’s one of them

Get The Butter…

WMTM8: 1 in 100 million: Rare cotton candy lobster caught off Maine coast

Imagine all those legalized pot stoners taking a stroll outside during this…

FNC: Thousands of tarantulas set to crawl through Colorado searching for mates

Is it “Shark Week” again…

NBC News: More than 150 great white shark sightings logged off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, since June

FNC: Sharks attack 2 surfers minutes apart at Florida beach

“Wait `til the taxidermy man sees what I brung`im!”…

FNC: Bald eagle fights fox in incredible midair tussle


I do seriously want to see, at the very least, a manned Mars mission…

space.com: SpaceX’s Mars-Colonizing ‘Starship’ Prototype Coming Together in Texas (Photos)

Twinkle Twinkle ancient star…

FNC: Evidence of 14B year-old ‘time machine’ star found 35,000 light-years from Earth

It’s All Relative…

NBC News: Einstein showed Newton was wrong about gravity. Now scientists are coming for Einstein. New research confirms Einstein’s theory of gravity but brings scientists a step closer to the day when it might be supplanted by something new.


space.com: Something Just Smacked Jupiter and Here’s the Photo to Prove It

Lawn chair *CHECK*. Popcorn *CHECK*. Beer *CHECK*. Soft blankie (chilly here at night right now) *CHECK*…

space.com: Perseid Meteor Shower 2019: When, Where & How to See It

Glowing in the Dark:

“How I learned to love the bomb, comrade…”

PM: Missile Explosion Prompts Radiation Warnings in Russia: Was the explosion, which reportedly killed three people, a test of the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile gone awry? “It came two days after 16,500 people were forced to flee their homes when massive blasts rocked an arms depot in Siberia.”

Puts a whole new meaning on “burn!”…

FNC: Worse than Chernobyl: Parts of Marshall Islands have radiation ‘higher’ than catastrophic ’86 disaster, studies say


FNC: Fukushima nuclear plant running out of space for radioactive water, TEPCO says

Rusty really does “never sleep”…

PM: Could Rust Be a New Source of Renewable Energy? Using kinetic energy, it’s got the potential to be more efficient than solar panels.

This weekend post brought to you by : Damn! I miss that 80s music!

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