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A Pox Upon the Doxxing Left: Everyday Now the Left in This Country is Living in a “The Purge” Mentality…

What is going on right now … THIS is why we do NOT give up our Second (and First) Amendment(s) rights and our guns, folks…

Kurt Schlichter: They Will Still Hate You Even If You Disarm

Remember, everything the mainstream media tells you at the behest of the liberal elite is a lie and a scam designed to increase their power and wealth by diminishing your power and wealth. Global warming? It’s such a crisis that they need to fly their private jets to fabulous resorts to discuss how you must trade in your Ford Expedition for a Schwinn and how millions of people like you who support their families in the petroleum industry better learn to code. And now the crisis of two left-friendly mutants out of 335 million people means you need to be disarmed. Oh, and you’re also racists so you should be disenfranchised too.

Weird how the liberal solution to every problem is always to make you less free.

One of their tactics is exhaustion – to exhaust the weak among us and get them to say, “Gosh, if we just give in we can put this unpleasantness behind us.” But you can’t put anything behind you with these people, because there is nothing to put behind you. It’s all a lie. You are not a racist. Your guns won’t hurt anyone but criminals and aspiring tyrants. And the leftists know it. They know they are spewing skeevy slanders, and if you give in on this one – handing over your AR-15 and hanging your head over prejudices you don’t possess – the libs and their newsprint lackeys will just club you with another set of grievances that you can only atone for through further submission.

It will never end. They will always hate you. Always. Nothing you can do will change that. Nothing. So get used to it and invite them to pound sand….

Stu Tarlowe: ‘Red flag laws’ just legitimize ‘swatting’

I’d like to thank today’s prime example of a “Hey, Thanks for Perfectly Proving Our Point Award” winner on Twitter, Jamie Carter @JCTheResistance

“Jamie’s” manifesto on Twitter runs on and on with a butt-load of her plans for all of us. Were “Jamie” a republican/conservative/Trump-supporter “Jamie” would be legit “Red Flagged”. Umm-hmmm.

Sounds like “Jamie” and Tommy Lee should get together and make a video

Breitbart: Rocker Tommy Lee Warns Trump Supporters: ‘We’re Going to Pay You Back So F*cking Hard for All This Sh*t’

They began this whole “white supremacy” bullshit a few years ago. First, going after white males, but basically the conservative ones, although the leftist ones have been more than willing to be thrown under the bus— Hell, they’ve fucking prostrated themselves at the feet of the harpy leftist-feminists and crawled under the damn bus!

Then it moved to white women, but then only the ones who dared not vote with the leftist collective hive and vote for Hillary. No, they were badgered as nothing more than uneducated ignorant sluts for their menfolk, voting the way they’re told by those menfolk … Never mind pretty much every female medical professional I personally know, and have encountered, voted for Trump.

They now have decided that anyone who does not and refuses to see, think, believe the way they do is a fucking “white supremist” and a “racist” and must be

John Hinderaker: A New Low For Democrats?

The Democratic Party has descended into a maelstrom of hate. I’ve been around for a while, and I have never seen anything like it. Whenever you think they can’t sink lower, they do.


I don’t think it is possible for a party as distorted by rage and hate as today’s Democratic Party to command the support of a majority of Americans. I guess we will find out soon enough whether that optimistic assessment is correct.

As the saying goes, if you want to know what the left/democrats are doing just listen to what they are accusing the right/republicans of doing. I am telling you that is as accurate as it gets, especially in this desperate and panicked political atmosphere the left and the democrat-socialists and their bend-over-and-spread-them MSM have set up for the nation…

Debra Heine: ‘Death Camps For Trump Supporters’ Fliers Appear Around Long Island, N.Y.

Fliers reading “Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!!!” turned up at various locations throughout Long Island, N.Y., this week, including on Republicans’ homes and cars, according to Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.)…

FNC (VIDEO): Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fires back after anti-Trump activists plan Equinox, SoulCycle boycotts

Remember, it is the left/democrats/MSM that claim it’s Pres. Trump, and his supporters … OH! And “FOX News!!!” … that are dividing the country with rhetoric, etc., etc., etc….

FNC: MSNBC guest says he wants ‘pitchforks and torches’ outside pro-Trump Equinox chairman’s house

Twitchy: It’s happening: Actor Armie Hammer is poised to take down Marvel Entertainment over Trump-supporting chairman

Well, shit and seashells, Armie! I’m all giddy with anticipation this will open the fucking Hollywood gates for other overpaid limo-lib elite actors to fuck their careers and sacrifice their future ‘offers’ and follow you in this sort of “OH! Look at me! Orangeman BAD, so, let’s punish everybody who’s ever shook his hand!” chest-beating bravery and heroics… or something.

Twitchy: Chrissy Teigen bravely claims she’ll boycott these restaurants for helping re-elect Trump and LOL

And Hollywood simply just cannot help itself….

THR: Ads Pulled for Gory Universal Thriller ‘The Hunt’ in Wake of Mass Shootings (Exclusive)

Mark Steyn: ‘The Hunt’ film is ‘the liberal twitterstorm fantasy’ taken to the next level

Greg Gutfeld: One thing you can ‘guarantee’ about controversial ‘The Hunt’ movie

Brian Flood: Comcast’s NBC Universal labeled ‘patently hypocritical’ over pushing both ‘The Hunt’ and gun control

But hey, it wasn’t “doxing” doxing. It was public record knowledge, or something…

FNC: Man wrongly outed as Trump donor by Castro, forced to go over ‘situational awareness’ with wife, kids

Twitchy: Erick Erickson puts Joaquin Castro’s doxxing attempt in sobering perspective

Priscilla @OratioLiberum on Twitter (Graphic AUDIO): “A woman, who was on the Donald Trump donor list that Joaquin Castro tweeted out, received a vicious voicemail calling her a racist and threatening to post her number and extension all over the internet. This is now the left operates…”


Twitchy: Kentucky Republican AG hopeful Daniel Cameron pushes back against civil rights attorney who told him to ‘stop eating the coon flakes’

Tucker Carlson: Things are getting dangerously crazy on the left

Lara Trump: You should be able to support whatever political view you want in this country

Tyler O’Neil: Bernie, Castro Set to Speak at Terror-Linked Radical Islam Conference

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