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The Left’s Boring Exhausting No-Good Shit-Takes and Those Giving Them

The left has deemed We Can’t Have Nice Things. It is just not permitted, you guys! The amount and level of pure Orwellian bullshit the leftist lay and democrat party wankers and their voice box the MSM are putting out these days would be laughable, were it not like watching a Chernobyl-like meltdown of that collective’s already miniscule sanity.

#1. When great news is bad news for the left…


Breitbart: Watch BET Founder Bob Johnson: Democrat Party Has ‘Moved Too Far to the Left’



#2. When the leftist #FakeNews MSM’s tactics reaches real buffoonery antics…

The Hill has a small handful of conservative writers that are excellent, John Solomon for example who has been digging and digging and exposing the truths regarding the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, and the Deep State’s and Obama administration’s part in ALL of it. But the rest’s addiction to warped clickbait on their Twitter feed has fallen off the damn cliff. Latest example…

#3. The left loves to stir shit pots, even imaginary shit pots…

Sure, Megs, except that Pres. Trump has members of his cabinet that are gay, in addition to women and racial admin members. Not to mention a good amount of LGBTQ/women/diverse-races supporters, some way more active and vocal than others under threat of being dragged by your people on the left. But you keep being you, “Me-Me-Me”…

Twitchy: PHOTO: Megan Rapinoe protests during the National Anthem at NYC victory parade


#4. Democrat’s pandering with self-flagellation is pretty close to snuff-porn levels…

#5. When one of their gods is in deep shit the left deflects-deflects-deflects…

AoSHQ on the Jeffrey Epstein story and the leftist MSM angle…

… the Democrat-Left-Media Complex is in full freak-out mode over the arrest of convicted pedophile and billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein. The phony-baloney outrage directed at Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, who was the man who cut Epstein’s original plea deal when he served as the DA for South Florida, and President Trump for not firing him as well as the insinuendos that he was BFF with Epstein are just that – phony baloney. Funny, as in disgusting how nowhere in the torrent of bile and spittle being sprayed at TV cameras and microphones can be found a scintilla of anger and rage at the individual at the center of all of this, and that is Epstein himself.

But, since a judge has ruled that his original victims can now take Epstein to court on civil charges and in light of the fact that he now faces an array of new criminal charges for everything from statutory rape to sex trafficking to kiddie porn, a lot of dirty laundry that has the potential (note the word “potential”) to destroy perhaps scores of Democrat-Left-Media elites up to and including Bill Clinton, is going to be exposed to a much wider and attentive audience than back in 2007-8 when the media could still effectively kill the story.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, the impeached and disbarred ex-president released what could best be described as a hostage note attempting to distance himself from Epstein that was so chock full of crafted legalese as to be almost incoherent. Unlike the documented minimum of 27 times that he flew on the infamous “Lolita Express” in the verified company of underage nubiles, that ain’t gonna fly Billy-boy…

It’s sort of Bill Clinton’s 21st century version of “I did not have sex with that woman girl…” Let us not forget Bill Clinton does not consider oral sex as ‘is’-is sex. A near-future possible defense excuse by Clinton and his lawyers when it is obvious he was not just along for the ride(s) on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”?

Thomas Lifson: The question that must be asked: Was Epstein running ‘honey traps’ and blackmailing the power elite?

John Klar: The Absurd Attack on Alexander Acosta

Not kidding. Any and all photographs of any Clinton physically with Jeffrey Epstein has been scrubbed from Google. Even when you directly search those key words the one photo of Trump at a public gathering standing next to Epstein comes up at the top. Any photos with both Epstein and Bill Clinton are side-by-side individuals of the two. At some point this has to be reported in the MSM, but it won’t be. TUS Boss points out how it is Stalin-esque.

Breitbart: Exclusive–Mike Cernovich: Media Only Covers Epstein Case to Attack Trump

The whole Epstein “Lolita” sex trafficking with high profile membership has been an open secret for roughly three decades, and the MSM refused to blow it wide open for one political reason or another…

Michelle Malkin: Epstein, Bean & Buck: The Democratic Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

Just remember, they only do this for their leftist gods in the political world and Hollywood, just as Hollywood did for Harvey Weinstein. But now the shitheads over at septic tank swim club CNN are beating their collective chest as if they are huge investigator journalists, or something…


FNC: House Dems use Obama-era photos to promote ‘kids in cages’ hearing

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