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Libertarian? No thanks…

I am not nor could I ever be a Libertarian.

This notion that we mustn’t go to war or support others at war is from la la Land.

Those who assert that there is too much war and love of war and we should avoid war at all costs are like those who say we have to get rid of guns and there are too many guns around.

There will always be wars and the need to decide whether to be a part of them or not. Wishful thinking will not change that fact.

When the good guys give up their guns, that’s when you can watch the gun crime rate go up exponentially.

And there is no question in my mind that it’s when the good guys become libertarians, war and other mischief ensues.

When I see those placards announcing “War is not the answer,” I am so tempted to write “sometimes war is just the thing.

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