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2020: Bombs Away, Dream Babies…

The democrats are collectively running on free and open abortion from conception to post-birth, bankrupting our economy and our liberty/rights for “climate change”, raising and raising and raising our taxes, completely open borders with blanket and endless amnesty, free and complete healthcare for illegals on top of welfare programs, free college, free healthcare, student loan debt erased, free child care, no cars or guns or cows, no big non-government companies providing jobs, a floating scale of who is considered “rich”/1%, non-DNA related genders, anti-science, anti-Christians, anti-punishment for crime, anti-law enforcement, reparations for blacks and gays, anti free speech, “Impeach Trump” on Russia collusion/obstruction hoax, etc..

This they are campaigning on against the policy success of Pres. Trump’s last three years…

DC: Trump Scores Personal Best Approval Rating Of 44% In New Poll

Jessica Chasmar: 2020 hopeful Seth Moulton: ‘Trump is going to be harder to beat than many Democrats like to believe’

Liz Peek: Democrats confront the unthinkable — Trump’s reelection

David Catron: Trump Has Already Won the Immigration Debate: The Democrats abandoned the field to the president last week.

Lawrence Keane: The Democrats really are coming for your guns

FNC: 2020 Dems reverse course to oppose virtually all Trump judicial nominees

Jeffrey Lord: Kamala Harris and the Re-Segregation Democrats: The political heirs of George Wallace and James Eastland.

ABC News: Could Democrats’ support for federally mandated busing hurt their chances in 2020?

Daniel Greenfield: Sanders and Warren Have a $1.6 Trillion Bribe for Dem Voters: If you loved the Wall Street bailout, you’ll love their student loan bailout.

Glenn Reynolds: In Democrats’ war on Donald Trump, ‘stupid’ economy still stubbornly good: Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign can offer lessons for Democratic 2020 hopefuls looking to challenge President Trump on the economy. … But they don’t care. Their agenda is a government ‘economy’ fueled by higher taxes and regulations.

If you’ve lost Jeh Johnson…

FNC: Obama-era DHS secretary hits 2020 Dem candidates for ‘extreme’ and ‘unworkable’ immigration ideas

Bring on the fly-drops

WE: Eric Swalwell becomes first 2020 hopeful to drop out

FNC: Will 2020 Democratic presidential field start shrinking today?

One clown out, another in…

FNC: Tom Steyer may launch 2020 presidential campaign this week: reports


David Catron: Who Really Believes Biden Can Beat Trump? “Good Ole Joe” isn’t what he used to be, and probably never was.

Matt Margolis: Grab the Popcorn: Joe Biden Warns He Has Dirt on 2020 Democratic Rivals

Stephen Green: Joe Biden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

VDH: Would President Joe Biden Become 25th Amendment Material?

Jon Gabriel: Democrats are trying their best to keep Trump in the White House

Democrat-socialist “democracy”: making/signing laws targeting one person because “politics”…

FNC: Cuomo signs bill allowing Congress to get Trump tax returns

David Catron: How the GOP Will Retake the House in 2020: Only 18 seats separate the “Do Nothing Party” from the wilderness.

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