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What’s in My Morning News Feed: Cream in My Coffee and Sauce on My Eggies…

Just some stuff…

Right away the left and the MSM jumped on trying to connect this sex trafficker to Trump, completely burying his ongoing active relationship with Bill Clinton. Fact is the left will throw Bill Clinton under a caravan of tire-chained busses to get Trump, even if it is just to throw out false premises and fake narratives of his participation in Epstein’s child sex scandal. And don’t think Hillary, Bill, and the democrats aren’t willing to sacrifice Slick Willie for the 2020 cause…

TGWP: Florida Billionaire and Clinton Friend Jeffrey Epstein Arrested in New York For Sex Trafficking of Minors

CFP (4/1/19): James Comey’s Daughter Maurene On NY Posse To Take Trump Down

WZ: Epstein Was Banned From Mar-a-Lago Club After Soliciting Teen, Trump Provided Info Against Epstein To Lawyer For Victims

Forbes: Jeffrey Epstein Documents Could Expose Powerful Politicians, Businessmen … Makes you wonder if “Pizzagate” was such a nothing burger after all?

Zero Hedge: Fusion GPS Tried And Failed To Link Trump To Jeffrey Epstein

TGWP: HE CALLED IT! Trump Predicted “A Lot of Problems” for Bill Clinton with Epstein’s Famous Orgy Island

Twitchy: Thread from 2018 about possible connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Mueller’s FBI is enlightening

Breitbart: Cernovich: Epstein Arrest Shows ‘Andrew Breitbart’s Spirit is Alive And Well’


The IG Report is done and being written, and I have a strong feeling it ain’t good for the Deep Staters involved in the Russia hoax and the Clinton email scandals/corruption…

FNC: Rep. Peter King: ‘Severe, serious abuses’ by FBI, CIA in Russia probe ‘going to come out’

Catherine Herridge, Cyd Upson: Reluctant witnesses in FISA abuse probe agree to talk to DOJ inspector general

Catherine Herridge, Cyd Upson: Strzok-Page texts debated whether to share details with DOJ on key London meeting in 2016

Ringleader AOC and her freshwomen sorority of misfits are getting some from both sides as their social media and public antics are making the democrat party look and sound even more batshit crazy socialist anarchists and completely out of the hands of the establishment and leadership…

FNC: Pelosi on AOC, Omar, others: ‘These people have their public whatever and their Twitter world’

FNC: AOC fires back after Pelosi blasts far-left Dems’ ‘Twitter world’

Twitchy: Gavel drop: Nancy Pelosi says the freshman four ‘have their Twitter world’ … and just four votes

Twitchy: Like, she’s so MAD! AOC’s late-night temper tantrum after Nancy Pelosi throws SERIOUS shade her way only makes her look WORSE

FNC: Ocasio-Cortez defiant in face of criticism for opposing border $$ bill while decrying conditions

Newt Gingrich: Ocasio-Cortez is vicious, cruel and dishonest – And determined to destroy the America we know

Newsmax: Newt Gingrich Calls AOC a Liar; She Thanks Him for ‘Compliment’

Twitchy: Washington Post examines how America is the country that ‘has too often disappointed’ Ilhan Omar

Joe. Biden. 2020. Tour…

PJM: Obama Silent As Biden Forced to Apologize for Comments on Segregationists

Stephen Kruiser: Reeling, Entitled Joe Biden Shocked That Kamala Harris Came After Him

WE: Biden warns Democratic rivals he’s got ‘all this information about other people’s pasts.’

WFB: Joe Biden: A Life of Platitudes


Cry me a fucking river…

FNC: Michelle Obama: Night before Trump’s inauguration was ‘very emotional’

“The truth is, on that day I was moving my children out of the only house they had really grown up in,” the former first lady told Gayle King of CBS News at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. “I think that gets lost on people.”

She said she was rushing to get her daughters and their friends out of the White House after they’d had a sleepover the night before the inauguration.

“The girls didn’t get up,” she explained. “They’re all crying and they have their teddy bears and they’re moving slow and I’m like, ‘You’ve got to get up and get out of this house.’ And I don’t know where these kids are going, but they had to get up and out of that house. So you’ve got tears and I’m pushing people out a freight elevator and my kids are crying.”

She said she and former President Barack Obama then had to meet with the Trumps.

“I didn’t want to go out and greet them with tears in my eyes because people would think I was crying for other reasons,” Mrs. Obama said…

Get your *shocked face* ready…

Liberty Vittert: Climate change alarmists deny science in misrepresenting June’s heatwave

God speed, Bibi…

Breitbart: Netanyahu: Israel Preparing for Large-Scale Operation in Gaza

The dim 2020 democrat-socialist party…

Yeah, the MSM is shit…

This Independence Holiday Weekend Sunday brunch post brought to you by a choir of angels…

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