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The Shit-Stained Left Just Can’t Handle It…

Looks like the shitheads at the lefty shithole publications had shit on deck for this 4th of July to shit on America and Americans.
But you knew that shit already…


Charlie Martin: We May Consent to be Governed, But We Do Not Consent to Be Ruled

So, contrary to some on Twitter, having military parades for the Fourth of July is hardly “unprecedented,” and we’ve managed to have military parades on Independence Day since, well, Independence.

The complaint that Trump is making the Fourth of July “political” would stun people like Lincoln, Jefferson, Madison, and either Adams.

Let’s be clear: the Fourth of July is a political holiday. Revolution is a political act.

Our Revolution was a military action — among other things — that freed us “to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.”

It’s completely just that the U.S. military, yes with tanks and warplanes, should be part of the celebration of that inherently political act.

Of course, right now we have a peculiar situation in which celebrating the independence of America and the achievements of Americans is seen as not just political, but partisan, because a whole wing of American politics right now is dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal; that the clerisy, the lettered, those with Ivy-League degrees and the right family connections, form a distinct and natural aristocracy that should by rights not just govern, but rule.

So it’s no wonder that they object to this Independence Day parade; Trump’s election and his surprising success as president challenge their most deeply-held belief.

It challenges the belief that they rule by right.

It represents a successful challenge to their presumptions of superiority and the right to rule. And, like all aristocracies, in Jefferson’s words, they “fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes.” …

Kyle Smith: This Fourth of July, why patriotism is worth defending

Remember the distant past of 2016, when leading voices of progressivism were saying, “America never stopped being great” (Hillary Clinton) and “America is already great” (Barack Obama)? All that’s over.

American military, economic and cultural power dominates the world (you’ve never heard of the biggest movie made by China or France this year, but they’ve certainly heard of “Avengers: Endgame”). America leads the world in Nobel laureates, and it isn’t close. America leads the world in the success of our middle class, and it isn’t close. True, America has more poor people than some other countries — but that’s because we let in millions of people from poor countries. Saying “America has a poverty problem” is like saying, “Florida has a high death rate.” Florida doesn’t kill people, it just attracts a lot of old ones.

“What about slavery?” is not an irrelevant question to ask about American history. Slavery is indeed our original sin. It’s important. We fought a war over it. You may have heard of it.

But to think of slavery first when you think of American history is like thinking of Charles Manson first when you think of men. America accomplished a few good things as well. America is a radical idea that had never come close to being implemented before — a broad-based democracy with government engineered for the purpose of zealously protecting our natural, or God-given, rights. We zoomed out ahead of the rest of the world, and we never looked back. As late as 1870, only 40% of the men in Britain were entitled to vote. Voting in America was not universal until women got the vote in 1920, but the US was miles ahead of everybody else in allowing its people to be heard.

Even more important, the US was and is miles ahead when it comes to allowing its people to speak. In Britain, people can and do get thrown in jail for things they’ve said on Twitter. (The 2003 Communications Act makes it a crime to type mean things on the internet. No, you don’t get a break for being young, or drunk, or for thinking you’re being darkly funny. The police actually monitor social media looking for people to arrest.) A 2014 headline in The Guardian reads, “Is it right to jail someone for being offensive on Facebook or Twitter?” No, it isn’t right. It is in fact quite wrong, and in America it is unthinkable because we have the world’s strongest protections for speech.

The First Amendment, like everything else about America, has not always worked perfectly (Woodrow Wilson threw Eugene V. Debs in jail under the Sedition Act for opposing World War I) but is a great and noble ideal, and we are far closer to living up to its full potential now than we ever have been in the glorious history of this exceptionally wonderful country….

Stacy McCain: Happy Fourth of July, You Fascists!

Stephen Green: They Belong On the Mall: U.S. Armed Forces Are Defenders of Liberty, Not Tools of Oppression

Tanks on the Washington Mall? They aren’t evidence of an impending military coup; they’re a symbol of America’s military and civilian awesomeness….

When the Founders published the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, war had been raging for a year already. And it isn’t like the Brits read the Declaration and said (read this in your best Hugh Grant voice), “Oh, right then. Well, ah, I guess we’ll just toddle off. Best of luck and all that, old chaps. Toodle-oo.”

What actually happened when the Founders signed the Declaration, is that they’d signed their own death warrants — unless the near-impossible happened and George Washington’s Continental Army would actually emerge victorious from the ongoing Revolutionary War.

And the punishment for High Treason, for waging a losing war against King George and his armies? Hanging, drawing, and quartering — a barbarous, torturous, Medieval form of execution not banned in Britain until 1870. If you’ve ever watched Braveheart, you have a gruesome idea of what the punishment entailed — and every man who fixed his signature to the Declaration risked being subject to it.

The odds were grim in July of ’76….

Today is a civilian celebration of the liberty which makes America great, but it should also have an element of the military which secured that liberty in 1781, and continues to protect it to this day. The Armed Forces of the United States aren’t tools of oppression, but righteous defenders of liberty — at home and abroad.

To say they don’t deserve some small representation on this of all days, is an implicit rejection of the liberty they have fought to defend, and a furtive endorsement of the tyranny they’ve saved us from time and again.

Happy Independence Day, and let’s give tanks for the freedoms we enjoy.

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