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TBT: The Left’s Faux Outrage About “Camps” is Palatable…

Nobody does “camps” better than the fucking left. Nobody. (See: TBT BONUS below)

As the MSM squirms and snipes to protect AOC and her ‘concentration camps’ bullshit…

MNNOFA NEWS: Auschwitz Memorial responds to MSNBC host for defending AOC’s concentration camps rhetoric

A reminder that it’s the left’s playbook. They don’t realize that over the last 12-13 years they have dog-eared and ‘dog-whistled’ their bullshit playbook chapters of racists/phobes/Nazis/etc. so much so that nobody is falling for any of it anymore. Hence their increased ire against the rest of us…

Lionel Shriver: No exaggeration: Hyperbole makes words worthless

See, rhetorical overkill blows up in your face. Hyperbole depletes your linguistic arsenal, and oratorical crying wolf destroys your credibility … Language inflation has the same effect as the monetary kind: your words grow rapidly worthless.

So, now let us recall Hillary’s bright idea of 2015, just before the 2016 election cycle, and how she’d love to deal with ‘political differences’.

Watch it a couple times. There is an ability to read-between-the-lines in her monologue here, especially 1.) when she stresses a “red cabin” and grins and then points out “the blue cabin” after a bit of a sly pause ‘where they can come together and talk’ … scenes from “The Last Emperor” come to mind for me, where the communist Chinese had non-communist Chinese people in ‘camps’ and brainwashed them and forced them into submission to where we saw them eventually parading with the communist flag in the street (communist guards very close by to make sure nobody faltered), and also “The Killing Fields” and the scenes where the Khmer Rouge squats on the dirt floor in front of non-communist ‘campers’ and ‘talks’ to them about their ‘political differences’ between punches and starvation until they either meekly submit or end up with a plastic bag on their head in the rice patty nearby. I mean, I’m pretty sure the communist Chinese and the Khmer Rouge had a Hell of a lot of ‘fun’ in those camps, eh?

And 2.) at the :33-:37 mark she is stressing her point with her finger and thumb on her right hand in a gun shape (that would get any kid not only kicked out of school but the police possibly called to haul them off) and slowly sweeps it from one side of the audience to the other side. No, really, it is not just an abstract gesture she’s doing. It is a calculated and subtly defined gesture/signal she is conveying. 3.) Now, imagine Trump had said something like this regarding political opposition … even without the Clintonesque gestures and facial expressions.

Make no mistake. Hillary was not genuine in bringing people of different political ideologies together. “Progressives” are communists in glittery pantsuits. They will never compromise their beliefs and agenda. They will never agree with anyone else. No, you are the one who has to submit. Just see yesterday’s congressional hearing on reparations for slavery, and those who dared to speak against it. They are still being trashed and demonized today on TV and social media by those who think a trillion more dollars on top of the trillions of welfare/etc. over the last half century-plus will somehow be justice over something that happened a couple centuries ago by people to people long dead. Were that we all could demand monetary compensation from current people for the wrong their ancestors did to our ancestors centuries past.
The fact is the holding camps illegal aliens are being sent to are not punishment facilities. They came her obviously very openly and freely, and if serious about protecting themselves and their children and honestly seeking ‘asylum’ it is the only way to be sure everything and everyone is on the up-and-up and in the system. They’re fed, clothed, medically tended to, protected from gang members/rapists/etc. and when it’s their turn to see the judge are then escorted to their hearing. But above all this, at anytime, I believe, these illegal border crossers can tell those Americans in charge of taking care of and protecting them that they want to return to the home country … and will be quickly accommodated in that decision to do just that. So, it’s just one more thing in the long and growing list of things AOC can ‘shove’.


Just a reminder the foundation for today’s “Progressive” cult that Hillary was probably referring to with her fucking “fun camp” idea…


Twitchy: AOC’s latest spin on why her concentration camp comments were like totally ok is her worst YET

Twitchy: WHOOPS: Kamala Harris accidentally admits why Dems are fighting to keep people in the US illegally

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