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TBT: A Big REALLY BIG FISH Anniversary

It’s been forty-four years… Forty-four years! Holy shark shit!!!

I spent my childhood and teen summers on the Topsail Island, NC shore. After JAWS going into the ocean was never the same for me. And JAWS came out years after, as a young teen surfing with my cousin, we had seen a tiger shark swim very close to out boards while out beyond the swells where we were just hanging out talking. Fun times. But to this day it is all I think about at the shore and when I dare enter the water. And I no longer will float in said water on anything, raft or surfboard.

THR: ‘Jaws’: THR’s 1975 Review

Last summer it was relatively quiet. However, already this year the North Carolina coast has had several shark attacks, one costing a teenaged girl a leg and some fingers. South Carolina as well is starting to see them. But they are always there. It is always shark time in the ocean and gulf. And the eastern seaboard, especially North Carolina with it’s line of barrier island, is the sharks’ historic route back and forth as the waters cool and warm with the seasons. It is also busy with the fishing industry that inadvertently bait the sharks to the area making it an even more lucrative feeding grounds for them. The “season” of shark is actually human season when people head to the beaches and eagerly get into the ocean and splash around and confuse the stupid eating machine sharks into checking you out to see if you are dinner. It really is so painfully, and deadly, simple.

You just have to be cautious, watch your kids, and never take anything for granted in their world … the ocean. And yes, you really should have “a bigger boat”…

This one is sixteen years old…

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