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Ummm, It’s Her Political Party That Considers $150K “Rich”…

… and in need of raised taxes. Google that shit for yourselves.

However, AOC says she and fellow Congress-critters ain’t paid enough to keep them ‘honest’, or something…

Twitchy: Sounds like EXTORTION: AOC doubles down in thread about why Congress better get a raise OR ELSE and just wow

She needs $180k to not be bribed, but $174k is open season??? This bitch is wack or on crack.


Ace: Axios: Democrats Buzzing About Possibility That Alexandria Donkey-Chompers May Primary Either Chuck “Bank Whore” Schumer or the Stupid Lightweight Kirsten Gillibrand

Axios doesn’t mention this, but this happens while Democrats are also chattering about the possibility that they may redistrict Alexandria Donkey-Chompers’ seat out of existence and force her into a primary fight with another incumbent Democrat, also serving part of the newly-formed district.

So is this a threat that if she doesn’t have an easy seat to defend she’ll take out the oleaginous, bank-servicing Schumer or the ditzy Dumb Wave Feminist Gillibrand?

FBN: US Congress members: A look at perks and pay

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