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Just Follow Your Nose: The Conspiracy Continues and It Reeks of HRC’s “Parallel” Line of Her Ass Cheeks

Jer Nadler brought out the democrat toilet paper yesterday (and today as well). Yesterday, at the House’s fried chicken-confirmed dog and pony show hearing with very special guest (and liberal MSM polished turd) John “Not A ‘Fact’ Witness” Dean, Dean insisted the Mueller report “parallels” and follows the “roadmap” laid out by the Watergate investigation.

Well, that sounds just Georgia peachy, no?

By the way, John Dean has spent the decades since his Watergate days attacking just about every GOP POTUS as Nixon-Watergate ‘parallels’. The shit is a book-selling whore and a very willing democrat/MSM tool.

So, I woke this morning thinking, “Gee, this is an interesting spool of twine in this spider web of Deep State coup conspiracy, huh?” I couldn’t help but acknowledge a connecting route, if you will, on Dean’s “roadmap” … Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Working with the House Committee on Nixon’s Impeachment Case (Photo by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

A much younger Hillary Rodham (not yet ‘Clinton’) was fresh out of law school and selected to work as a junior member on the House Judiciary Committee’s Nixon impeachment inquiry staff. Now, there is a constant back and forth as to the claim that then chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate inquiry, Jerry Zeifman, did or did not “fire” Hillary back then. But as David Boaz of the Cato Institute lays out in a 2016 article

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler gives a maximum Four Pinocchios to the claim that Hillary Clinton was fired during the Watergate inquiry, which has gotten a lot of circulation on social media. He makes a detailed case that there is no evidence for such a firing. However, along the way he does note some unflattering aspects of her tenure there:

In neither of his books does Zeifman say he fired Clinton. But in 2008, a reporter named Dan Calabrese wrote an article that claimed that “when the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation.” The article quoted Zeifman as saying: “She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”…

In 1999, nine years before the Calabrese interview, Zeifman told the Scripps-Howard news agency: “If I had the power to fire her, I would have fired her.” In a 2008 interview on “The Neal Boortz Show,” Zeifman was asked directly whether he fired her. His answer: “Well, let me put it this way. I terminated her, along with some other staff members who were — we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not — could not recommend her for any further positions.”

So it’s pretty clear that Jerry Zeifman, chief counsel of the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate inquiry, had a low opinion of the young Yale Law graduate Hillary Rodham. But because she reported to the chief counsel of the impeachment inquiry, who was hired separately by the committee and did not report to Zeifman, Zeifman had no authority over her. He simply didn’t hire her for the permanent committee staff after the impeachment inquiry ended.

Kessler also notes that Clinton failed the D.C. bar exam in that period. She never retook the exam (passing the Arkansas exam instead) and concealed her failure even from her closest friends until her autobiography in 2003…

Read the whole thing.

And then there is the fact that Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation staff was loaded to the brim with Hillary donors, Obama/democrat donors, and Clinton former staff/pals…

LZ: Robert Mueller Stocks Staff with Democrat Donors: Special counsel’s team includes former Clinton Foundation lawyer, contributors to Obama, Hillary

WFB: Mueller Hires Multiple Hillary Clinton Donors for Special Counsel Team

NRO: The Mueller Probe: A Year-Old Hyperpartisan Circus

Inquisitr: Robert Mueller Hires Hillary Clinton Donors On Special Counsel Team, Will There Be An Impartial Investigation?

TPI: Meet the Democrat Donors and Clinton Cronies Hired by Robert Mueller

This is yet another reason why Robert Mueller is trying his damnedest not to be brought before Nadler’s ridiculous committee … He does not want the republicans on the committee asking him— demanding an answer to the question— why he did not feel the need to take a far more unbiased flavor to his investigation staff selections and also recognize several had very serious ‘conflict of interest’ issues serving on anything meant to find “guilt” with the man who kicked Hillary’s smug corrupt ass in the 2016 election to the presidency she so believed was all hers.

And Obama thought he was the fucking master of “audacity”? This woman is up to her ratted hair in filth she has done her entire adult life, not the least of which what she did while in the State Department as Secretary of State, her emails, HER obstruction of justice by deleting emails/scrubbing of her illegal private server and destroying many devices (and other evidence) after the House committee House panel subpoenas them in their investigation into her.

This all just continues to be fucking mind-blowing. Never ever doubt this … This has all been one massive web spun since before day one of the 2016 election cycle, and massively knotted-off after Donald Trump won the nomination, by Hillary Clinton and the DC Deep State. And THAT is another line of questioning Robert Mueller does not want hurled at him in a testimony sit-in in front of republicans in the House. ALL the fucking “evidence” this entire “collusion” investigation(s) was predicated on were sanctioned/bought/paid-for by Clinton and the DNC, and enabled by the Obama DOJ/FBI/FISA judges. God, help AG Barr get to the filthy bottom of this cesspool…


To the ongoing Congressional Persecutions and Clinton/Obama Coup and Mueller Deception and Cover-Up we go where, if it’s possible, Jerrold Nadler made even more of a jackass of himself by trotting out ageing Watergate conspirator and proven liar John Dean to testify for no reason other than attempting to compare what happened over 45 years ago to Donald Trump. It’s beyond farcical but in case you were too young or, like me, you let the three networks and two newspapers write the history, you were wholly unaware of the fact that John Dean was a complete scumbag. From the second link in the section:

…The Shepard books go into great detail on the treacherous, deceitful and dissembling John Dean, who set up the criminal intelligence activities, then ran a botched coverup, and when in trouble for his perfidy, jumped ship and turned witness against his bosses, and therefore was portrayed by the Nixon haters as some kind of virtuous hero. Dean was horrified by the prospect of jail and became a liar and false accuser, never spending a day in jail…

It’s pointless and a distraction to rehash Watergate, but suffice it to say that in the cold light of day, Richard Nixon at worst should have faced perhaps a censure from Congress. Donald Trump, along with the American people and the Constitution, on the other hand are the aggrieved parties today. What both have in common, as the article and its subject allude to was that Nixon and Trump were victims of plots engineered by the Deep State to take them down (albeit Nixon’s cronies did break into the DNC offices and should’ve been and were punished for that; the rest was political retribution). In any case, the GOP members on that committee wasted little time in ripping John Dean to shreds and deflating Nadler’s balloon if not his gas giant of a planet-sized man gunt. Even Democrats see that this entire stunt is backfiring hugely and, as Carter Page rightly indicates, is nothing more than a full-blown cover-up of their own crimes against Trump. To that point, as Lloyd Billingsley states in the last link vis a vis Bruce Ohr, it’s time for AG Barr’s prosecutor John Durham to get cracking and get with the indictments…

YEP! Seriously, who the fucking Hell do you think wrote the damn “roadmap” John Dean is peddling to Nadler and the public, and is driving this this full-of-shit truck along those “parallel” lines?

FNC: Dershowitz, Tribe spar over impeachment: You’d have ‘gone apoplectic’ if Clintons received same treatment


FNC: Bill Maher admits Hillary Clinton ‘committed obstruction of justice’ in email scandalGrain-of-salt territory as you read on.


Joe diGenova: John Dean, House Democrats and the spirit of scandals past

John Dale Dunn: The Real Lesson of Watergate Ignored in John Dean’s Testimony and Media Commentary

NYPost: Jerry Nadler’s Trump-bashing show is a bust

CARTER PAGE: John Dean Hearing Showed Democrats In Full Cover-Up Mode

Twitchy: All BULL, no bold: Eric Swalwell has ANOTHER cringe-tastic moment questioning John Dean (watch)

“Broad in scope…”…

RCP: Hillary Clinton: “Classic Pattern” Of Fascist Takeover Is Happening Right Now In The United States

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