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Hump Day #2: Three Cheers for a Week Half Over!

People, you do realize that when you eagerly wait for the week to quickly end you are also speeding up your own days, and one morning you wake up old…

Stacey Lennox: It’s Like Catching a Three Year Old With a Cookie

WUWT: Empirical Study: Indoctrinated US Climate Activist Kids can be Used to Influence their Conservative Parents

Kurt Schlichter: Liberal Sex Strike Fails To Score: You think, “Nope, progressives can’t possibly be any dumber,” and then they proceed to reset the dumbness bar.

The Federalist: Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Reinforces Conservatives’ View Of The Sex Market – By advocating for women to withhold sex from men in order to attain bodily autonomy, Milano has stumbled backwards into the realm of Christianity.

Alan Dershowitz: McCarthyism comes to Harvard — Why this should alarm us all

Mark Pulliam: Harvard’s Disgrace

Human Events: Sir Roger Scruton: ‘Get Rid of Universities Altogether’

Betsy McCaughey: Big Tech loves Europe’s ideas for ending Internet freedom

TDW: CA Bill Would Eliminate Single-Family Home Zoning In Most Of The State: Co-Author claims existing land use regulations exclude people “for economic reasons and race reasons.”

The ‘Deep Snake’ is swallowing itself…

FNC: Accusations fly over who pushed anti-Trump dossier, as DOJ’s Russia probe inquiry begins

Don Surber: Bush official predicts spy indictments

Kevin R. Brock: Jim Comey’s own words justify Bill Barr’s review

DC: Trey Gowdy: FBI Cited Articles And Info From Clinton Ally To Corroborate Steele Dossier


TET: Senior NXIVM Member Confirms Illegal Clinton Campaign Scheme During Trial

Townhall: Mark Cuban Doesn’t Think Any Dem Can Beat Trump Right Now: “The reality is people don’t trust politicians … If you look at why people voted for Donald Trump, in my opinion, first and foremost it was because he wasn’t a politician … Politicians are the least trusted of every profession.”

Twitchy: ‘Not even pretending anymore’: The AFL-CIO is ‘just openly communist now’

TDW: PROPAGANDA: CNN Spreads Deceptive Info On School Shootings, Calls For Gun Confiscation

TDW: Staggering: Border Agents In Texas Claim 5,500 Illegal Aliens Cross The Texas-Mexico Border Every Day

CR: DOJ report: 43% of all offenders last year were non-citizens

Michael Goodwin: De Blasio once again disgraced NYC with Trump Tower stunt

Roger L. Simon: Blowhard Democrats Are Green Phonies

Salena Zito: In Front of a Philadelphia Abortion Clinic, Democratic Lawmaker Shows Us the Darkness of the Cultural Divide

PJM: 2020 Dems Rush to Defend Killing Unborn Babies in the Name of ‘Science’ and ‘Women’s Health’

ABC News: What Aborted Fetuses Have to Do With Vaccines

Today’s Hump Day post brought to you by the British sweep of weaponry continues…

Twitchy: British weapons sweep results in rusty spoon being taken off the streets

AAAAAAAND, you knew— you just knew — the French were going to fuck this up.
Eh, just call it a Christian/Catholic Baptismal pool and watch heads explode

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