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Hump Day #1: Passing Time

Yesterday news broke about another passing of a legend.

The day prior it was Doris Day. There can be no denying of her talent and beauty. Her movies and singing defined a generation. And Day, way ahead of the times, proved herself one of Hollywood’s most tolerant as she was best friends with Rock Hudson, protecting his sexual lifestyle secret and insisting on working with the actor every chance she had and staying loyal and loving to him to his death…

The days before it was “Mod Squad” beauty Peggy Lipton … In the 1960w guys wanted “Julie Barnes” and lots of young girls wanted to look like “Julie Barnes”. She had the hair. She had the clothes. She had the look

Yesterday it was Tim Conway. Nobody ever made me laugh so damn hard to the point of pure pain like Tim Conway did. From childhood to today when I watch the old skits from “The Carol Burnett Show”. That whole cast was such a perfect puzzle pieced together with wonderfully creative artists playing off each other to bring the world some of the best comedy ever. All these decades later, in an era of spite instead of comedy, political sniping instead of lighthearted escape, we so need another Tim Conway and a Carol Burnette TV show that just simply brought everyone together for just an hour to laugh. We desperately need another “The Carol Burnett Show” and/or “Mamma’s Family” loaded with rich comedy sans the nasty stabbing politics and PC chains…

PJM: Tim Conway, the Greatest Ensemble/Sketch Comic of the Modern Era, Dies at 85

I have been a professional stand-up comic almost my entire adult life (which has some years on it now) and I don’t laugh easily.
Tim Conway always cracked me up.

Conway was the greatest ensemble/sketch comic of the modern era, if not the greatest ever. Yes, that includes the brilliant members of the early “Saturday Night Live” casts.

Conway’s gift was the ability to do a lot in a scene without doing too much. He took Bob Newhart’s gift for understatement and added a variety of tiny quirks that, in the hands of another comedian, would have fallen apart.

He was most famous for making his fellow cast members on “The Carol Burnett Show” — especially Harvey Korman — completely lose it and crack up during a sketch. They were like kids getting the giggles in church: once it started you knew it wasn’t going to stop.

Conway was able to do this to the people in one of the greatest sketch comedy ensembles in history because he oozed funny. It was his essence, not merely a thing he did when a director said, “Action!” While this is true of most funny people, Conway just seemed to ooze more of it…

They say comics/comedians typically come from a very sad background. I guess that is true of some. I hope Tim Conway’s past and the rest of his long life were not so sad and dark. I hope he simply just had a beautiful glowing gift of genuine slapstick and improve ridiculousness written into his DNA from God Almighty so that he could be equally happy making millions of people so filled with joy. Tim Conway was the Albert Einstein of comedy.

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