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Just Guys, Hanging Out. The Old Rich White Male Patriarchy Post…

Pope meets ‘the new world order’: Pope Rejects ‘Excessive Demand for Sovereignty’, Pushes Idea of Global Authority … Fuck off, Frank.

Pope meets the ‘barn door’: Pope changes Church law to make reporting sex abuse obligatory

Bernie says he wants terrorists and mass murders to vote. Joe Biden says, “Hold my beer”: Biden: U.S. Has ‘Obligation’ To Give Healthcare To ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants … No. No, Joe, we the taxpayers say ‘kiss our collective asses’.

Recent testimony reveal of former FBI operative Peter Strzok pretty much places the start of the Russia hoax on the desk of the CIA: Was John Brennan The Russia Lie Ringleader? … AG Barr is currently carefully investigating the start and spin of the Russia hoax and spying on the Trump campaign. This filthy bastard needs to check himself…

This shithead too: James Comey, a media star after Trump fired him 2 years ago, now dogged by ‘spying’ accusations against FBI

Sure, Mitch, okay. Whatever you say…

CNN’s Jim Acosta is that TV reporter guy from “Die Hard” 1 and 2


“Constitutional crisis” is the democrat and their pecker-sucking MSM’s battle cry against POTUS and AG Barr. But this is NOT a Constitutional crisis. It is pretty much a very good lesson in why the Founding Fathers were prescient in setting our republic up as three equal branches of government. This is the system. This is how it runs. And it is not wrong. It does not need ‘changed’, as the dems and MSM and the liberals would demand, and old, rich, white woman Nancy Pelosi would have herself believe: Pelosi Forgets Separation of Powers, Says Congress is Superior to Trump

The MSM and the democrats (as America is witnessing with Nadler and his party) operate as if the American people are box-rock-dumb. Well, some are, but not most.

But history for the left and their MSM began at this old, rich white guy moment…

This chicken FEH-thers shit…

This “Old Rich White Male Patriarchy” post brought to you by the whitest guy in the world…

One comment on “Just Guys, Hanging Out. The Old Rich White Male Patriarchy Post…

  1. Biden was the stupidest man in the Senate. Now he’s also old, has a memory that makes Pelosi’s look like an IBM, is creepy, is a plagiarist – in general, a complete nightmare. He’ll be gone soon. The socialists who are now in charge of the party will choose another feckless abomination but it won’t be Ol’ Gropin’ Joe. Every time I hear his name I start hearing the theme music for “Night Of The Living Dead”. Weird.


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