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Anti-Social: “Socialism” is the Re-Gifting of a Failed Ideology That Keeps On Taking…

The leftist hoax of “climate change” is only out-hoaxed by the century’s old hoax of socialism.
Every socialist defect that comes along and insists the system/economy/society/culture/governing of socialism is perfect and works if they just enact it according to their brilliant plan and ideology is pretty much akin to Satan trying to tempt Christ to throw Himself off the Temple Spire so that His Almighty Father will reach out and catch Him.

FOX News: How socialism turned Venezuela from the wealthiest country in South America into an economic basket case

The US Congress’s, and the democrat party’s, completely unhinged freshman “socialist-democrats” are giving the old fart hypocrite socialists disguised as democrats a run for the used toilet paper…

NRO: Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Wealth Tax’ Is Unconstitutional

The Federalist: 25 Questions For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – You can’t be morally right and factually wrong at the same time. That’s a big problem for socialists.

USAToday: ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,’ Ocasio-Cortez says

Twitchy: Lindsey Graham fires back at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (eco-doomsday prediction & socialism hardest hit)

And there is this shiny new Anti-Semite gem in the rough…

FOX News: Rep faces backlash after claiming Trump is backing ‘coup’ in Venezuela

FOX Video: Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar is appointed to the House Foreign Affairs committee despite anti-Israel remarks: Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer weighs in on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to place Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar on the House Foreign Affairs committee.

FOX News: Rep. Ilhan Omar facing new scrutiny over past effort to win leniency for 9 men accused of trying to join ISIS

And this brings us too: The war on Christianity/Catholics continues, and the left really needs and demands your help…

I went to Catholic grade school with very strict Oblate nuns. Hated it. Was thrilled to move on to public high school. Was thankful I’d attended Catholic grade school. I find it odd he has reached out to ’20 years old or younger’ for his little project that’ll obviously be lopsided. Nobody coming out of even public school in that young adult age range have very impressive thoughts/feelings on their school experiences in general. Growing into adulthood I realized lessons of the traits and practice of faith/love/charity, personal responsibility, and critical thinking based on what I was taught were the differences between right and wrong according to the Ten Commandments and Christ’s teachings through the Scriptures, and God’s gift of my free will to think and make decisions for myself were crucial to my maturity. I sent my own children to a Catholic school to be certain they learned and developed those moral teachings, work ethic, and personal accountability. When they moved onto public middle school their teachers praised their intellect, work ethic, behavior, and always expressed to me their wish that all their students were so balanced and confident…. And this is why the left hates private religious schooling.

When Covington Catholic high school’s Nick Sandmann was interviewed on NBC days after the Lincoln Memorial MSM dust-up, the left accused the young teen of having been coached and that he was speaking words that had been scripted for him. This is total bullshit. I dare any of these media propagandists and leftists to interview a few high school students but not be told if they are from a Catholic school system or from a public school system. Better yet, give the students a general test in school subjects. I’ll watch with them. I will tell you which type of school system those kids are being educated in. Let’s see who is right.

John Sexton: Capehart: It’s time to take on the Covington smirk

But here’s what I think Capehart is missing. Just because a kid is white and straight and male does not mean that he’s part of some club where everything is easy and fitting in is always a given. I was all of those things and I can tell you I was not accepted or even known by my peers in high school…

With that in mind, I’d return to Capehart’s claims about Justice Kavanaugh. Calling him “petulant” may work for some, but a lot of us saw a man who was being publicly abused and shamed for something it’s not clear he did. Certainly several of the allegations against him didn’t have any support. How is a man supposed to act when he’s publicly accused of gang-rape without evidence? Should he be calm and restrained? I’m not sure that makes much sense unless you assume he’s guilty. Not just guilty of this one act as a teen but guilty in the broader sense Capehart is raising. Guilty of being a smirker who has gone through life hurting people for his own amusement. I don’t think that’s what the record showed about Brett Kavanaugh.

The same goes for Nick Sandmann. When a stranger comes up to beat a drum in your face and his friend is telling you and your friends to “Go back to Europe!” should you fold like a cheap suit or should you demonstrate a little defiance at being singled out and challenged in this racist way? Capehart doesn’t know the first thing about Sandmann. There’s no evidence he’s a bad kid who goes around hurting gay people or minorities. No one involved in the online shaming and death threats against his school and family knows anything about him. They’re just channeling their own pain into a kid’s smirk (which isn’t even clearly a smirk the whole time).

You can’t assume Sandmann is the equivalent of your childhood tormentor because he’s white, straight and male or even because he stands up for himself (peacefully) when confronted. Don’t make this kid a target because he reminds you of someone else from 30 years ago. You don’t know him or whether he’s had it easy or hard thus far. And beause you don’t know, you shouldn’t assume.

Addendum: One last thought. One thing we do know about Sandmann is that he seems to be the kid willing to stand up for other kids being bullied. How do we know? Because that’s what he was doing here. His group was being racially bullied by the Black Hebrew Israelites and also by the guy who walked over with Nathan Phillips. He was right to want it to stop and I think in a quiet, peaceful way he was trying to stop it.

At the very core foundation of every leftist, socialist, communist, fascist movement and government is the abolition of free thought and religion. The State is to be your only religion, and you will worship and obey it, or else.


PJM: Long Term, How Do We Live With the Sorts of People Smearing Covington Catholic Teen Nick Sandmann?

Yoram Hazony: “Conservative Democracy,” and the Classical Tradition of Reason and Liberty

If we are to correct the wayward course of contemporary democratic societies, we must preserve what is true and good and mitigate what is false and harmful in both liberalism and nationalism. We would do well to embrace core principles of the Anglo-American constitutional tradition—principles grounded in and sustained by the virtue of prudence.

RS: The Anti-Science Left Keeps On Keeping On

John Stossel: The Anti-Science Left

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