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The Horribly Lopsided Left vs Right Truths

You can follow the whole thread here.

Not kidding.

AT: Trump Didn’t Start the Fire

The Blaze: Actor warns ‘blood in the streets’ if Dems don’t win midterms: ‘We will have a revolution for real’

Dennis Prager: I’m Jewish, and I Think the Biggest Increase in Anti-Semitism Is From the Left

Reason: Has There Been a Surge of Anti-Semitism Under and Because of Trump? In short, probably not. And about that ADL study everyone is citing…

NRO: Conservatives Don’t Get to Mourn: In the aftermath of terrible events, there are calls for unity. For Republicans, it’s always except you.

Twitchy: Conservative woman writes thread shredding each and every Leftist talking point and it’s SPECTACULAR

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