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Dem Mob Boss: The Biggest Reason Republicans MUST Hold the House – UPDATED

Nancy Pelosi is a real work of bad art inflicted on this nation. Even the democrats have little tolerance for this woman anymore. However, the dino establishment democrat leadership keep her out there because they are even far more eyeroll-ish and groanful of alternatives like Maxine Waters.

Nancy Pelosi is just more deadly black mold infecting our republic. OUR tax dollars — which she believes belongs to government — returned to OUR hard earned paychecks are crumbs and OUR jobs, OUR economy, OUR families are just “collateral damage”. She also puts illegal alien needs above the American people, sovereignty, security, and sanity. Nancy Pelosi is toxic…

The Hill: Pelosi Not Willing to Trade Over Border Wall, Calls It Trump ‘Manhood Issue’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said today there is nothing she would trade for President Donald Trump’s border wall, setting a hard negotiating stance in advance of an expected December showdown over the issue…

“It happens to be like a manhood issue for the president, building a wall, and I’m not interested in that,” the California Democrat said during a discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics…

Pelosi emphasized Democrats do support border security but they would prefer to look at strengthening existing security measures as part of a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws…

HotAir: Pelosi: “Nothing” to trade for Trump’s border “manhood issue”

IJR: Thousands of Immigrants Are Marching North to America But Pelosi Thinks the Wall Is a ‘Manhood Issue’ for Trump

Pelosi’s outlook for the rest of us, should her party regain control of the House, is nothing more than a shrug…

“By any means necessary” … Right, old, rich, white woman with power? Fucking typical leftist.


No wonder everyone is equating Pelosi’s M.O. as a fucking mob boss…

And that whole Kavanaugh smear campaign…


FOX News: GOP using Nancy Pelosi as campaign tool in key midterm Senate races

FOX News: Billionaire’s Trump impeachment push grows in midterm run-up

FOX News: New York Times board member telling Hillary Clinton to stay quiet proves she is ‘politically radioactive,’ experts say


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