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No. The Most Powerful “Tyrant” in the Nation is NOT Pres. Donald Trump … It’s This Man

Unelected Robert Mueller has unlimited and unchecked power.
What would the Founding Fathers say?
Better yet, what would they do?

Lee Smith @ Tablet: How Russiagate Became Israelgate

As usual, Lee Smith does an extensive look into the subjects he writes about, so, the article is long and well worth the read.


FNC: James A. Wolfe, former Senate Intel panel security director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI

Twitchy: DAMNING! Sharyl Attkisson shares Comey’s ORIGINAL comments on Hillary’s email server and WOW

Breitbart: James Clapper Denies Tipping Off Jake Tapper on ‘Pee Dossier’ Briefing

George Neumayr: The Spying That Dare Not Speak Its Name – Be sure to read the fine print in the media’s propaganda.

The Federalist: Why Intelligence Agencies’ Abuse Of Power Should Be A Litmus Test For The Right – Why are so many in Washington—even supposed conservatives—so eager to defend our powerful and unelected intelligence agencies?

Headline via AoSHQ:

Deep State Throat: Head of Security for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Busted for Leaking to Buzzfeed Reporter, Who Was His… Much Younger Squeeze


New FBI E-Mails Wreck Official Clinton Timeline

Soon After Imran Awan’s Other Wife Called Cops on Him, Gunmen Shoot at Her

How Obama Secretly Gave Iran Access to Billions of Dollars – and Enabled Terrorism

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