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Weekend Reads: Red Meat

Don’t you dare bring steak sauce or ketchup to my steak table…

Civilization’s Thin Veneer: Charlton Heston’s Famous 1997 Pro-Second-Amendment Speech at the National Press Club Was Prescient Then & Now

66 percent of US millennials don’t know what Auschwitz was

Kids don’t know about the Holocaust because schools are pre-occupied with social justice.

The Kremlin’s Dupe: Ted Kennedy’s Russia Romance

School Rules That Allowed Parkland Shooter To Get Guns Coming Soon To Your District: U.S. Department of Education investigations push schools to turn a blind eye to behavior that rises to criminality, in order to lower suspensions, expulsions, and juvenile arrests.

A sign now on display for all to ponder, or some-such bullshit, at the University of Southern California … Okay, I conclude they’re calling for the skinnings of ‘whites’ and penectomies for males. How highly intellectual of them.

A ‘Dubious Expediency’: How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students

Conservative group claims university banned them for fliers allegedly exposing anti-Semitism on campus

Meet the Space Cowboys Launching Telescopes From the Middle of Nowhere: If a rocket launches from a remote Pacific island, does it make a sound?


How the Nazis’ Largest Battleship Is Still Affecting Norway Today: Decades after it sunk, the battleship Tirpitz is still stunting the environment.

Last Word:

I get this feeling they’re lying to us about stabbing zombies in the brain to kill them. It’s pre-apocalypse zombie propaganda.

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