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And Now He Knows All, In All Certainty…

Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking passed away this morning at the age of 76 after living beyond his physical limitations for over 50 years after a diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as a young adult.

I could never even hope or dream of being even half the science and mathematics intellect of Stephen Hawking. Not many could. Nestled into his mobilized and technically equipped chair for decades since being diagnosed with ALS, the cosmic scientist and theorist exercised his mind trapped inside his slowly deteriorating physical body. There was no mistaking he had a voice over all these years when you heard the computerized voice flowed from the device on his chair to reveal his thoughts on the universe surrounding us.

He has been known to disprove some of his own work, and disagree with some theories of fellow scientists, a sure sign the man was very active these last 50 years, like a mental weightlifter. He has also been, at times, said to have been arrogant in the scientific community (especially with those who disagreed with him and his theories, and he with theirs). Even in his physically disabled state he remained a mainstay in the world’s eyes, especially when injecting a bit of politics in his more recent musings and diatribes. He is said to have been the Einstein of our time.

Whether or not his theories were correct, there is no doubt Stephen Hawking has become fully enlightened to all the answers to all the questions, conceivable and inconceivable, inside this mysterious and vast universe as he left it behind. And in his death he still marks mathematic and science notabilities..

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One comment on “And Now He Knows All, In All Certainty…

  1. […] Stephen Hawking died this morning. If the likes of WaPo writer Ruth Marcus were told that baby would develop ALS early in his adult life and be confined to a wheelchair completely at the physical mercy of people 24/7 caring for him would they have aborted that male fetus? […]


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