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When You Finally Have ‘Time Enough’ for These Reads

Better bring a pair to spare…

FOX News: House Intel finds ‘no evidence of collusion’ between Trump campaign and Russia … They made sure to stress, “for either candidate”.

Thomas Lifson: Thinking the unthinkable on a Second Civil War

Kurt Schlichter: Why Democrats Would Lose the Second Civil War, Too

Kurt Schlichter: Against Fake Civility

Jeffrey T. Brown: Gun-Owners Are Being Blamed for the Failures of Liberalism

AT: A dead nun, Katy Perry, and a social experiment gone awry

Kurt Schlichter: Let’s Put A Tariff On Snobs

City Journal: The Campus Victim Cult: A dialogue about why colleges and universities have become so hostile to freedom of thought

The Sun: ‘Dilbert’ Scoops ’em All On the Inside Story Of Trump Korea Talks

The Federalist: Reminder: Republicans Have Done Zilch To Fix Obama’s ‘Great Heist’ On Obamacare – Do Republicans hope conservatives forgot when Republicans actually put taxpayers ahead of health insurers, rather than trying to shovel them more money?

The Spectator: Ezekiel Emanuel: We Don’t Need No Stinking Hospitals! – Every time this fellow has a brain storm your life expectancy shrinks.

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:

YES, BUT AS A NAZI, HOW DOES HE COMPARE WITH EVERY* PREVIOUS REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT? Johnny Carson and David Letterman Producer Peter Lassally: Trump’s America Reminds Me of What It Was Like Living in Concentration Camp.

Curiously though, he’s free to make the comparison on national TV without fear of reprisal. As Tom Wolfe wrote, paraphrasing the late German intellectual Gunter Grass, “You American intellectuals—you want so desperately to feel besieged and persecuted!”

* At least dating back to Coolidge.

Giving a Stellar Example of Dishonesty, Daily Show Uses Deceptive Editing of CPAC Conservatives to Brand Them as Mindless Buffoons (Video)

The Federalist: New York City Progressives Try (And Fail) To Limit Asians At Top Schools. – Progressives in New York City unhappy at the lack of diversity in its elite high schools are urging the mayor to lower the number of Asians admitted. This is unfair and wrong.

I just watched “The Birds” again last night. I’ve seen it hundreds of times since a little girl, and still can’t figure out if the local avians were being territorial because of the interloping ‘love birds’ or pissed at the sexy blond that brought them to town. Probably both. And if we’re to believe the HBO bi-op movie “The Girl” from a few years ago Hitch put actress Tippi Hedren through total Hell doing endless ‘takes’ of the final bird attack with her in the house’s upstairs bedroom over and over and over again with the live birds. To take it from that HBO production it was Hitch’s way of getting back at the married and family loyal actress for rebuffing his romantic advances (today’s sexual harassment)…

Alfred Hitchcock ‘The Birds’ Attack Mystery Solved (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)


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