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Democrats’ Winning Midterm Plan: Raise Taxes … Bigly!

Hey, Bernie, Chucky, Nancy, and comrades, this sounds like a fantastic midterm plan to run on. I encourage you to run hard and fast with it…

Forbes: Democrats Release Tax Hike Plan

This week, Congressional Democrats released a detailed tax hike plan that they promised to implement if given majority control of the House and Senate after the 2018 midterm elections. So much for the crocodile tears about the deficit–Democrats want to raise taxes not to reduce the debt, but rather to spend that tax hike money on boondoggle projects.

As you might expect, hold onto your wallets. Here are the details:


All of this is very confusing given that the new tax law is supported by a majority of the American people and is growing in popularity. A good chunk of people haven’t even yet realized they’ve received a tax cut, so the favorable numbers should continue to grow. Maybe that’s why a Democrat pollster and strategist recently wrote:

Since the passage of the Republicans’ tax bill, and even before it, Democrats have been losing the messaging war. Now that many Americans are seeing the results in their paystubs, it’s even harder for Democrats to make this a winning issue. Voters are seeing the bill’s positive impact and are not likely to oppose it because we tell them they’re not benefiting, and many voters who aren’t seeing the impact still support the bill. If Democrats want to continue using this bill as a major issue for November, we need a new messaging strategy.

Instead of figuring out how to raise taxes, Congressional Democrats would do better to work in a bipartisan manner to make the middle class and pro-jobs tax relief just passed into law permanent. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Read the whole thing for full details of the democrat tax hike plan.


Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

AXIOS: Exclusive polls: Big warning signs for Senate Democrats. Nobody from either party should get excited about polls at this point, but this does shred the “inevitable Blue Wave” narrative.

Related: About That Blue Wave: “The prevailing wisdom suggests that there will be a Democratic wave election in 2018. In a manner that suggests that little was learned from the 2016 primary or general elections, pundits and analysts seem so committed to this narrative that they promote it even when the data point in the other direction.”

Also: New Poll: Rick Scott Leads Bill Nelson 42-35 in Florida.

Plus: Marquette Poll finds Tammy Baldwin underwater on favorability, 39% unfavorable/ 37% favorable.

Don’t get cocky, kids — whether you’re Dems or Republicans. Remember, the voters don’t like much of anyone, really.

Despite improved Dem showing, Texas GOP sets midterm record

New York Times: If GOP Wins Midterms, Democrats Will Rage at Russian Meddling

Mental Meltdown: Pelosi Suffers 16 Brain Freezes in 15 Minute Presser

Meet the Gaza-Raised Grandson of a Munich Terrorist Running for Congress

He’s a gun-grabber from the word go, utterly dedicated to a woman’s right to murder the fruit of her womb, and celebrates the full range of possible psycho-sexual unions, including, generously, the one likely to bear such fruit. He favors Medicare for all without a hint of how to pay for it, and he demands the total abolition of any meaningful border between California and the drug cartels.

Oh, yes — he happens to be the grandson of one of the masterminds of the 1972 slaughter of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics.

Born and raised in San Diego, Campa-Najjar had a fairly conventional upbringing — if you consider a four-year sojourn in Gaza part of a normal childhood. When his neighbors began to make things a bit too hot, Campa-Najjar and his Mexican-American mother decided it was time to return to the land of effete decadence, the Hotel California.


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