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Newsfeed Mash-Up: Including The Kitchen Sink

Roll up your damn sleeves and start somewhere…

Kiss. Kiss. Bang. Bang.:

The MSM always proves itself nothing more today than a willfully uninformed, inept and highly unintelligent band of politicized assholes at every turn. But their biggest crime of journalistic malpractice is when they pass on that self-inflicted bullshit to the viewing masses they believe are as fucking stupid as they are…

But then even James Fenimore Cooper wrote of the dangers of the AR-15…

Twitchy: Fact-check: Sen. Dianne Feinstein pulling her AR-15 expertise from Rolling Stone now

Dennis Prager: Why the Left Opposes Arming Teachers

Teachers in Israel be like…

Ermahgerd!! Man`splainer!!!

CNN ‘Analyst’ Says Women Can’t Carry Guns Because of Their Wardrobe Choices

Of course they are: States, teachers unions resist Trump’s call to arm educators

NYP: Florida lawmakers reject assault weapons ban, approve bill allowing teachers to carry guns

USAToday: Trump rips officers over Florida shooting: ‘I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon’

Don Surber: That time an unarmed Trump stopped a mugging

I dunno, right now I’m more concerned about all those people who have recently bought up all those 20K ‘unregulated/controlled’ flamethrowers Elon Musk was selling.

Hogging The News:

Meanwhile the high school student turned MSM superstar darling is boycotting school until, you know, guns are obliterated, or something…

WashTimes: David Hogg says he won’t return to school until gun control passed

Well then he should be banned from the high school’s prom (if they will still be holding a prom now) and should not be permitted to graduate. But no worries since the school board and Broward PD don’t enforce the laws with this school system’s students (under the Obama/ Holder era school “solution”) he and his parents won’t be found in violation of truancy law.

You (and the MSM) put yourself out there as an adult in child’s Teflon clothing, so to speak, and you will be treated and debated like one…

HEY! Don’t you dare attack these poor children for expressing their political views while bashing the opposing views of more informed level-headed adult-types!

Anyhow, down at the Broward DMV…

But, you know— Fun times! Fun times! for these attention-seeking, sad and devastated victims of the shooting…

Yeppers! The “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!” generation strikes again

Then they went back to their parents’ basement and returned to their “Tide Pod Challenge”.

The Real Failure:

Again with the dumbass NYC Ivory Tower studio MSM-types

Hannity: FLORIDA FAIL: New Report Shows Sheriff NOTIFIED 45 TIMES About School Shooter

PJM: Internal Email Shows Broward Sheriff’s Office Urging Staffers to ‘Stand With’ Sheriff Israel

The Federalist: Parkland Underscores How Americans Pay For Garbage Government While Doing Its Job Ourselves: This kind of government employee incompetence with horrific consequences is by no means limited to the Parkland killings. Instead, it is endemic to U.S. government.

Politics and Popcorn:

Seems the words “reporting error” and “democrat” usually go together when making a sentence regarding political donations…

FOX News: Dems blame ‘reporting error’ after records show refund to Weinstein despite charity pledge

One of Harv Weinstein’s main gals is popping-off … again…

This actress recently turned activist just wants a better box office for her latest flick since her last couple bombed…

FOX News: Jennifer Lawrence slams Dems, admits it’s ‘not wise’ for celebrities to talk about politics

Mmmkay, but JLaw’s recently made the claim in an interview that She’s Taking a Year Off From Acting To ‘Fix Our Democracy’ … So, JLaw, which is it?

Has been celebrity Rosie O is the perfect spokesdolt for why policy and legislation should never be based in ‘feelings’…

Sick and tired of the PC SJW fascists constantly biting at our ankles over male/ female pronouns and “cultural appropriation”? So has this in-PC ‘Clinton’…

Breitbart: Funk Legend George Clinton on Cultural Appropriation: ‘We’ve Got to Get Over This Sh*t’

“I’d bite off the Beatles, or anybody else. It’s all one world, one planet and one groove. You’re supposed to learn from each other, blend from each other, and it moves around like that,” the Grammy-winner said.


“You see that rocket ship leave yesterday? We can maybe leave this planet. We gonna be dealing with aliens. You think black and white gonna be a problem? Wait till you start running into motherfuckers with three or four dicks! Bug-eyed motherfuckers!” the 1997 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee said. “They could be ready to party, or they could be ready to eat us. We don’t know, but we’ve got to get over this shit of not getting along with each other.”

A YUGE Amen and Hell-to-the-yeah hallelujah, George!

Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia on Movies, #MeToo and Modern Sexuality: “Endless, Bitter Rancor Lies Ahead”

Variety: Streisand on Oscar Snubs, Sexism in Hollywood, Her Clone Dogs…

Our intellectual betters and “science!”…

Metro: More and more celebrities are ‘coming out’ as Flat Earth believers

So, how can there be “global warming” then, huh??? Overpaid assholes.

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