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Winter Olympics: America’s Walter Duranty-esque MSM’s Favorite Event is the NorK “Charm Offensive”

The Gold Medal worthy beclowning and self-embarrassment event goes to the American MSM’s performance at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea…

Tickets had to be purchased for ALL those seats, and if NorK didn’t buy them why were they possibly granted that much seating? This Olympics has devolved into nothing but a complete propaganda campaign, and the NorK cheerleading team is apparently one of the MSM’s favorite. Has anyone in US MSM bothered look into the backgrounds of these countless cheerleaders? How were they selected? Are they possibly part of the NorK military? Why is it in past Olympics over the decades the US MSM has been more than happy to give us those sob stories about athletes backgrounds from communist countries but nothing even similar about North Korea’s participants?

Ed Driscoll @ Instapundit:

As they say at David Horowitz’s Front Page Website, “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out.” The DNC-MSM are really going out of their way to drop the mask this weekend.

Flashback to last year: “Following the lead of CNN’s Brian Stelter, Thursday’s Situation Room touted the spike of sales in the book 1984 and strongly hinted that Americans view the Trump administration as the real-life version of Big Brother portrayed in George Orwell’s classic.”

UPDATE: Speaking of Stelter, as Michael Malice, the author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il tweets, “Reminder that CNN was more hostile to an American citizen who made a wrestling gif than to a representative of the most evil government on earth.”

The US MSM began all this NorK fawning at the Winter Games’ opening ceremony when our VP Mike Pence refused to dignify Kim Jong Um’s director of the NorK department of propaganda and agitation with a handshake, and also refused to stand in respect for the NorK national anthem. Imagine that. Remember, the liberal and the MSM insist Pence is a villain akin to those depicted in the ideological pablum “The Handmaid’s Tale”, even though there is not one miniscule piece of evidence to back up their faux analogy. However, highly oppressive regimes the MSM and the liberals queerly adore do have stark examples of how they treat women…

Absent from the MSM’s coverage of the Olympics are the mentions of the North Korean history of oppression, brutality, enslavement, starvation, torture, death camps, killing of its leader’s own family members and political opposition. All that is evidently hiden in the dark, with the willing aid of the MSM…

I would love to say this past few days of US MSM coverage of Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, has been so very odd and out of character, but sadly this is the American media now. And the Winter Olympics coverage stunts we are seeing is nothing but a branch of the North Korean propaganda-driven state-run NorK news…

The level of putrid American MSM headlines (and the weak defenses of it by those media operators) is off the charts, and the outraged social media reactions to it far to massive to detail.

Truth be told, pretty much all the American MSM was the propaganda machine for Hillary’s 2016 campaign, and continue to be so as she refuses to get a fucking life. Never forget they were well-versed after eight years of covering Barack Obama’s ass.

The American MSM would have us ignore the fact that NorK’s ongoing and advancing nuclear missile program is directly aimed at our nation, the torturous incarceration of a young and foolish US college student that was only finally released to return home to US soil to die, and this man who literally risked life and limb to escape the NorK Hell the vast majority of North Koreans live and die through everyday…

Reality hits home:

Kim taps sister as Olympics goodwill ambassador while three Americans rot in his gulags


NBC finally goes too far with its North Korea WORSHIP, deletes tweet (but we have it!)

MOCKTASTIC! CNN gets the photoshop treatment after gushing over Kim Jong-un’s sister

Washington Post columnist wants Bethany Mandel to apologize to North Korea (Not satire)

New Republic editor deletes his take on Mike Pence and Kim Yo Jong, continues to dig

So bad even Jake’s squirming…

Jake Tapper truth-SLAMS folks (even the media!) for praising North Korea to HATE on Trump

Oh, but detractors of/for the MSM’s adoration coverage is to the slant of, “Hey, it’s the Olympics. Stop getting political. Leave politics out of it…”

Uh-huh, sure.

AT: That Didn’t Take Long: #BlackLivesMatter Goes to the Olympics

Coin tosses now “racist”: Team USA skater’s tweet draws mixed reactions after coin toss decides Olympic flagbearer

Ouch, but accurate…


Buck Sexton: At the Olympics, North Korea’s appalling American media boosters

North Korea’s Kim Yo-jong is the new star for the liberal, Trump-deranged

CNN slammed for glowing puff piece about Kim Jong Un’s sister at Olympics

NBC fires Olympic analyst after comment on Japan’s role in South Korea’s development: report

NBC Apologizes for Olympic Analyst’s Ignorant and Insensitive Remarks

JEREMY HUNT: Media’s Olympic-level North Korea fawning is a disgrace

Hey, she did her assigned job of getting the USMSM to show their slobbering chops, and she has now earned a possible reprieve from her brother’s stealthy job ‘terminations’ and won herself a few extra tasty vittles when she gets home, comrades.

Follow the thread for the full display


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