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Hillary’s Ad Nauseam Legacy

Hillary Clinton is still in a state of stupor as to exactly why the American voters in 2016 did not vote for a screeching, ashtray-pitching, coughing/choking/fainting, habitual liar, sexual predator-enabler/defender harpy to takeover and run the United States and “We The People” into the ground…

Clinton again blames ‘misogyny and sexism’ for ‘what happened’ in 2016

Notorious RBG “woke” up long enough to repeat the charge of sexist voters…


Michael Goodwin: Did Hillary Clinton pull off the dirtiest dirty trick in US presidential history?

Obama State Dept. official admits free-flowing exchange of reports with Trump dossier author

Peeling back the layers of Hillary Clinton’s deceit

BOOM! Judicial Watch President: CIA Laundered Clinton-DNC Dossier Into White House Intel Briefing – It’s Time to Question Obama

Hillary Clinton’s Fingerprints Are All Over The FBI’s Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties: Her campaign is linked to at least three separate pieces of information fed to the FBI, including the dossier the FBI used as a pretext to spy on a Trump campaign associate.

Hillary Clinton Needs to Move On

Hillary Clinton had a LITTLE trouble lending voice to feminism conference

The skinny, younger, non-choking version of Hillary with an eye on 2020…


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