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“Evil” Walmart the Latest Corporation to Reward Workers and the Dems are Shittin’ Themselves

AoSHQ: So Much Winning You’ll Be Tired of Winning: Walmart Announces Bonuses, Hikes to Starting Wage Due to Tax Reform

The democrats are just losing it, with the usual demented suspect in the lead…

Nancy Pelosi scoffs at ‘crumb’ bonuses by U.S. companies as a result of tax cuts.Democrat says businesses are trying to ‘put the schmooze on’

Pelosi Continues to Rip Tax Reform: Wage Increases and Bonuses Are ‘Crumbs,’ ‘So Pathetic’

Well, she is a multi-millionaire and pulling in a taxpayer provided living on top of that while she spends additional taxpayers’ dollars sucked out of their hard-earned paychecks on a whole lot of stuff, so, “Let them eat cake”, eh. Nan?

Here’s an idea, Nan. Cut spending on bullshit.

While this is Nancy not about those “crumbs”, this was Nancy then

Yeeeeah, you dems run your 2018 campaigns on that.

Attn. Rep. Pelosi! Here’s what % of workers will be getting ‘pathetic’ tax cut ‘crumbs’

My buddy Dan in Pittsburgh…


Here’s a List of Times Democrats Claimed GOP Policies Would Cause ‘People to Die’’This will mean death’


DRUDGE: Economists Credit Trump…


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