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The Left: Mendacity. Audacity. Asshattery.

The command went out weeks ahead of last weekend’s Golden Globes award show that women were to wear black as a show of solidarity in protest against sexual harassment of women (I guess in Hollywood, or something). Well, a lot of women wear black anyway because it is the most formal color. Anyway, there’s an above sampling of some of the mandated “black” uniform.

Why is it when liberal feminists demand men see and judge and treat them for more than their female bodies and sexuality they dress in two-sizes too-small dresses/ outfits that are strategically low-cut, high-cut, cut-out, see-through to tease an exposure (although sometimes there is an actual exposure) to those jiggly bits and whatnot regions they demand men not take into any consideration ever … EVER … NEVER, in the known universe?!?!?

And if you ask them about this curiously lopsided logic they snap back, “It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing! You have no right to think of me that way unless I want you to!”

And if you pushback, “Okay, I get that, but why are you wearing it?”

They say, “It’s just a dress … Because it’s beautiful and it makes me feel beautiful/ sexy/ etc. and it’s my choice to feel that way!”

And if you point out, “Okay, but you obviously know you’re not in the privacy of your own home/ bedroom, and are also throwing sultry related poses into the sea of cameras and onlookers who will see said photographs…”

“Just stop! It’s a role I’m playing and … and … and … nobody has a right to feel anything about it!”

Look, I don’t care if a female (or a male, for that matter) is walking down a high-noon scorched street stark-naked, nobody has a personal or universal right, whatsoever, to touch them even in the slightest. However— what? … We shouldn’t look? We shouldn’t think sexually-related thoughts? We shouldn’t have “feelings” of a sexual nature? I thought the left was all about “feelings” … and free and open sexuality and sex. `Twas the left that went all anti-establishment and told us our society was so wrongly sexually uptight. `Twas the left that pushed for and practiced ‘free love’ and was against monogamy and marriage and marriage-only sex.

Anyhow, the Hollywood lib-fems make as much sense about their clumsy display and defense of it as radical Muslim men do in commanding their women cover head-to-toe in heavy, loose, dark and drab robes and veils so that “the sexually tempting women’s bodies don’t make the men feel unclean sinful thoughts about their female sexuality and having sex with them, especially if said women aren’t their wives.”

It’s all a trap. I’m not saying the Hollywood gals should have worn burkas and hijabs. I’m saying you don’t have much of a steady “Would You Fuck Me? I’d f*ck me … I’d f*ck me so hard” stiletto to stand on if you’re trying to make a statement about sexual harassment if you’re dressing and dancing around like Harrods’s stepdaughter trying to seduce him in exchange for some guy’s severed head on a gold platter. But I metaphorically digress.

Standing in line at the store this was the current People Magazine cover with the NBC morning anchor re-stack…

Note the “our hearts were broken” shared feeling of the two women Savannah (the now fired Matt Lauer’s former NBC co-host) and Hoda (Savannah’s new NBC co-host). Heartbroken over Matt Lauer’s sexual scandal and current career-wounding situation.


First of all, the Lauer issue was generally known inside NBC, much like the Weinstein issue was with Hollywood. And then there are the payouts to the victims of men in Congress with no behind the doors of Congress accountability by the perv-perps’ peers. Yet their professional bubbles have people (typically those not the direct victims) who sigh and are so sad, disappointed, and heartbroken over the loss of their guys (Well, unless, of course, you’re Meryl Streep, best friend and apologist of Harvey Weinstein).

However, they absolutely do hold a Hell of a lot of outrage, hate and disdain for a guy who was caught dirty talking about how to grope women with another guy on an unsolicited audio recording. I mean vulva-shaped hats were crocheted from pink yarn and detailed, female anatomically correct costumes crafted and worn as they all screamed like women waaaaay-past their last dose of Xanax how bloody “nasty” and terrorist-inclined they are about that dirty-talking bastard that won a free and fair election against an enabling woman whose husband propositioned/ groped/ kissed/ harassed/ raped several women but they loved him for his abortion stance and—-

Yeah, I know. “Put some ice on that…”.

Scarborough: Many Democrats Have Told Me They Believe Clinton Raped Juanita Broaddrick

Aren’t the left/ liberals just so tolerant?


Harvey Weinstein was verbally and physically attacked by an intoxicated man at an Arizona restaurant on Jan. 9, according to a new report.

Matt Walsh: Stop Congratulating Yourselves, Hollywood. You Hypocritical, Self-Serving Cowards.


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