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MSM: That Pressing Pressy Press Thingy…

Well now, that’s an interesting way to deal with a bunch of assholes calling themselves “the free press”, eh?

It’s to laugh with the MSM, press/ reporters anymore. They are NOT to be taken seriously any longer, as they have made their pissy-stained beds and can now lie (and “lie”) in them. They have abused their position in society and do not have any real measure of trust from the people they are supposed to be serving with accurate and unbiased information. They are a Full-Monty propaganda machine chugging along without benefit of brakes for the socialist/ Progressive agenda of the leftist democrat party, and have no intention of practicing journalistic honesty and integrity in responsibly reporting on Pres. Trump and his administration and the agenda successes already achieved in just a year. No, it is “2 scoops of ice cream”, “pie-gate”, “golf weekends at his own Florida compound”, “Diet Coke-gate”, “Anthem-gate”, and, of course, “He’s Fucking Nuts-gate”…

And now that Hollywood and the MSM have chosen the DNC’s 2020 candidate to be Oprah, they need to be sure to weigh her chances and agenda against Trump’s…

Um-hmmm. Because 8 years of Michelle Obama dictating what we eat from the overstocked White House kitchen, lavish State Dinner courses, and her over-stuffed mouth really sat fantastic with the American people, Brian.

And here’s CNN’s “pie-gate” busting (and debunked) primo-journo April Ryan not even TRYING to hide her bias now

Hey, who didn’t see this coming. CNN’s on it, folks!

CNN has been by far the worst of the worst, with this dickhead in the lead with his smarmy ass glued to the White House press corps even harder now…

Star QB Jim Acosta and his National Shitty Press Champions CNN aside, MSNBC does try really hard to compete, especially with this latest work of total fiction anti-Trump book being used by the MSM and others in on their not-so-silent “He’s Fucking Nuts!” coup. Like MSNBC’s Katy Tur (Keith Olbermann’s ex-squeeze from his MSNBC gig years) and her highly professional journalistic ethics and style and stuff after interviewing the novel’s author

GAWD! She really deserves one of those award thingies, you know? You go, girl! And don’t listen to CNN’s Jake Tapper because he’s just, like, seriously jealous of your beautiful fumble in the end zone being deemed a TD.

But MSNBC/NBC has fifty shades of “Fire and Fury” fever and what their fever needs is way more cowbell…

Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ is why Americans don’t trust the media … Well, yeah, as a really good example. But for the last 20ish years the MSM has laid a mighty concrete foundation for the American public’s complete distrust that goes far deeper. The American MSM (the news press) chose well over half a century ago to choose a political party, the democrats, to align with, and it coincides with their shared adoration of a socialist/ communist transformation for our republic. I can see it back at the FDR era where they covered for his polio disability, to protecting the Kennedy clan and all their unseemly scandals for decades, to whitewashing LBJ’s fueling of the Vietnam war by dumping it on Nixon’s head, to fawning over Carter and covering over his lovely “malaise” years, to completely protecting Bill Clinton and his administration and their mountain of scandals and wrongdoings (and to this day with Hillary), to kneeling before Obama in awe and kissing his hand and ass for eight years. And on the flipside calling every GOP president “FUCKING CRAZY!!” and deadly to humanity. Yeah, the MSM has more than earned our pinch-nosed disdain. It’s a stench they’ll not soon remove.

Anyhow, atleast somebody over at the CBS News desk wants a different degree of attention on the author of “Fire and Fury”

Kudos to Norah O’Donnell. CBS, of all places, not swallowing the “fake but accurate” bullshit on this published piece of trash the MSM is using as a published psychiatry chronical of Donald Trump is “FUCKING NUTS”.

BI: 7 claims that have been disputed in Michael Wolff’s bombshell book on Trump so far … And he, himself, admits to basically making up the shit altogether.

Gaia knows the American MSM works so damn hard to do their highest professional job in, um, well, um, help me out here, Mika?

Oh, thanks, hun! I owe ya! Keep up the great Newspeak work over there at MSNBC’s chapter of The Ministry Of Information and Truth to we unwashed ignoramuses. **wink-wink**

But Trump is apparently the worst POTUS ever and in the whole-wide-world in his treatment of the MSM, or some-such shit…

Yep, `cause our jail population has far surpassed the foreign jails with press/ journalists inmates being oppressed by a national leader, especially since Trump’s been in power!!! Um-hmm…

Yes, I believe American reporters/ journalists have enjoyed stays in foreign jails over the years.

WaPo: Trump rages about leakers. Obama quietly prosecuted them.

WaPo: Seven crises that have shaken the Obama administration

And even though Trump flippantly suggested something similar for the diaper-wearing leaky American press, he has not actually done anything even closely resembling Obama’s track record in obstructing and persecuting/ prosecuting the American press. Just ask Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen, and the AP for example, eh? I mean, Sharyl can help ya out there: Obama-era Surveillance Timeline

Glenn Thrush: Trump More “Democratic” With Media Than Obama, Better Outreach With Reporters

I do want to give Trump credit on things. I think one of the things that I think he’s doing better than Barack Obama are these press conferences and his outreach to individual reporters, even for organizations, like my own, that he criticizes…

When Obama had press conferences, he had a single piece of white paper and he had six or seven organizations that he had preselected to call upon, and a lot of them were pretty favorable to him, too. I think Trump’s free-ranging press conferences are a lot more democratic than the way that Obama conducted.

Bigly partly because Trump doesn’t shrug away from confrontation and actually enjoys the media proving his point about them. Obama was a damn coward who absolutely refused confrontation, his White House directly messaging on air anchors when they disapproved of something they were saying. Trump lets them say whatever, and then has-at-them after. As narcissists go, Trump is a far more entertaining one than the boorish brooding Obama was/is.


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