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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 11/13/17

Good Monday morning, fellow Spectators!!!
Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away!
This signifies a bounty of cooking, cleaning, eating, and maxing-out of credit cards.
I again took the weekend off from the internet. It felt quite welcoming and peaceful. I got things done that have been waiting to be done, but much more just waiting … UGH! …
I have decided to make my holidays as relaxed and easy as possible this year. Perhaps we all should.

Anyhow, as I sit here scanning the news feed I guess we will do some ketchup — catchup — catching up…

The trip to Asia has shown a very serious and confident Pres. Trump. The MSM has tried to find a sabotage moment of the POTUS, whom the other foreign dignitaries and the peoples of those countries he has visited have treated with the unfailing respect and eagerness to host This is the worst the MSM, in its chronic and acute spitefulness of anti-Trump bias, could muster.

Out of dozens of rapid-fire lens snapping this is the photograph of PDJT a very spiteful New York Times photographer decided to run with

Liberal Media Brags About Getting ‘Revenge’ on President Trump with Awkward Handshake Photo

Personally I find the above photo just another example of Donald Trump’s ease at casualness and not taking himself too seriously. It’s refreshing and charming.

And this photograph right here, according to the very tenacious MSM photogs, is a sure sign that Trump and Putin had been colluding because they wore the same blue jacket!

Never mind several other dignitaries on the outlands of the photo cropping were also wearing the same blue jacket and that the POTUS had shaken hands with them as well…

More highly important news from this Asian summit the American MSM insists you know:

Anti-Trump media makes up fake story about overfeeding fish at Japanese koi pond

And don’t know. This particular image was not reported or carried as Pres. Trump and seven Vietnam Veterans returned to Vietnam over the weekend…

Vietnam War Veteran Cries on President Trump’s Shoulder During Vietnam Speech

The MSM is nowhere near “fair and balanced” or even professional. They said little, if anything, when Barack Obama exercised his executive choice at not taking questions or permitting photographers/ reporters into meetings or events for 8 years. But Trump does it and it is depicted by the press as a horrific anomaly … which is a lie:

Very Jake News: CNN Lies About Trump Violating Tradition of Taking Media Questions in China



Want Fries With That?:

Still LMAO, COMRADES: As the media and other pretenders continue to try to canonize former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, magazine GQ has him pictured on the cover with the caption “Citizen of the Year.”

Yeah, Kaep and the panty-waisted NFL have been great for the game this last year…

Roger Goodell reportedly requests $50 million salary, lifetime private jet in contract talks … FEH!

Others mentioned by GQ…

Surprised at the inclusion of Israeli actress Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) who garnered a Hell of a lot of shit from the media because of her conservative Israeli allegiance/ politics and her former IDF ties.

Footnote: Gal Gadot will only be ‘Wonder Woman’ again if accused Hollywood sexual harasser Brett Ratner is out.

Arkansas Judge Roy Moore has had his own share of opportunistic sexually-harassed wood-crawlers come forward in the hotly contested race to fill former Sen. Jeff Sessions’s seat in the US Senate (after taking the DOJ AG office). The republicans, being ever-so diligent in their rush to please the MSM and others who would see them fail, have spent the days since the allegations shunning the man.

And then there is the chronically ignorant skank who is mentally incapable of sane thoughts or logic and reasoning, or crippling irony

OH ok, NOW sexual assault is funny: SNL ‘jokes’ about Moore (still waiting for the Weinstein skit)

Somehow I have a feeling Sen. Menendez will see his ignorant jury find him ‘not guilty’. He is, after all, a democrat.

Over the weekend, when I wasn’t working on my “To Do List” around the house I treated myself to my usual old movie viewing. I did, however, also start watching various obscure Holiday movies online with my Amazon Prime Fire stick. We all should find something simple and relaxing to do over the final two months of a very conflicted and demanding 2017. Spend time with the family and friends and refuse to talk politics. Cook together. Watch movies together. Read together. Play board games together. The key here is to remove yourselves from the 21st century rat race of the internet and social media. While it can be a ‘blessing and a curse’ the internet has become a curse to out psyche and our civility, and I believe intentionally so. Those who would see our republic fall need such chaos and radical discord to incite such self-inflicted demise.

This NBMMC post brought to us by some wise words from “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak…

Go out and make it a great start to another great week, Spectators…


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