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Neo-Marxist Identity Politics Requires Almost No Intellectual Effort…

Hey, for the AntiFa/ SJW/ identity politics brigades it’s we’re all Hitler now!

I was introduced to see Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, who in the little time provided on this morning’s FOX and Friends segment filleted the liberals/ left who have been spinning their post-modern, pernicious doctrine in our society and especially on social media and in our college/ university campuses in the classrooms. Dr. Peterson tagged it their “ideological avatars”. He also added it is currently going on as well in Canada in all the western world. I am not surprised, given Canada’s current PM.

Anyhow, I would love to sit down with this man for an hours-long conversation over these topics. He has a way of just simply laying it out there without a single moment’s thought to any pretense of political correctness.

My middle daughter shares my great fandom for old Jimmy Stewart movies. My oldest daughter has very recently discovered him this month as TCM is highlighting his career in movies on Wednesdays in November. Last night she (re-)watched “The Mortal Storm” with me and, she being not only a doctor but a college professor, remarked how the mentality of some of the kids on her campus creepily reflected the young college-aged members of the new Nazi Party in the movie. The fake demands of ‘tolerance’ we hear from today’s millennials is the old neglect of ‘practice what you preach’ as they, just as did the young Nazis pushing the new German Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s Nazi ideology of intolerance for anyone who refused to join the movement and dared to have their own individuality and freedom of thought and opinion. When you hear these radicals today demanding ‘tolerance’ for this or that, just know you are actually hearing the slamming of a door in your face in order to silence you and your thoughts and opinions. It is also a wide open IV drip of fear in order to sustain your silence. It is what the Nazis and their Hitler youth and Stormtroopers/ Brownshirts did at the onset of the ideology’s takeover of German society. We are really seeing it again, and heightened these last few year, in this country. By the end of the movie my daughter was stunned to see any even dared justification for the innocent, unarmed lives taken of the peaceful characters who held their own personal ground in the face of the growing all-controlling fascism looming over them. We always come in on the middle of the Nazi scourge in movies, not really seeing the birth of it as you do in “The Mortal Storm”.

Dr. Jorden Peterson pointed out that this 21st century Marxist movement using identity politics and claims of victim-ship in order to justify their radical intolerance is hauntingly like the Nazis did with the Jews in Germany, claiming that group of people were a direct threat to the people and culture of Germany. And you see where and how that ended. If you do not believe these neo-Marxists would ever reach such a solution to their agenda with anyone they deem obstructing or even challenging them just recall Weather Underground’s plans back in the 1960s for when they achieved control over the masses in this country and how to deal with those who refused to bend and break under their ideology.

While we are not permitted to associate the recent deadly run-over of pedestrians and bike-riders in Lower Manhattan on the “Allahu Akbar”-chanting Muslim and ISIS devotee who mowed them over under the Islamic ideology, these neo-Marxists are in a constant state of blaming and condemning “whiteness” (the privileged white race, and particularly all white men) for incidents, such as the Texas mass shooting of nearly a week ago. Self-righteous (and ‘white’) useful idiot celebrities and MSM dolts (‘white’ as well) swarm the internet’s social media to make the charge, hurrying to burn the Second Amendment and disarm Americans. And then there are the college professors who spend their class time pounding on their mush-brained students’ heads, only to then turn to social media outlets to stir the shit pot there with their inane and divisive rantings. Some of these “higher learning” gestapo officers are preaching all whites are racists and bad people and some now even calling for “white genocide” or whites to be ‘abolished’. They’re not alone. A lot of liberal/ leftist/ feminist pundits are calling for whites to stop reproducing mixed or white children, and some even for whites to commit mass suicide or be exterminated.

These professors for decades have manipulated the last couple generations of students down this socialist/ communist/ dictatorial/ fascist road, but some are now expressing a Dr. Frankenstein-like fear of their creation.

So while these people try to tag those of us who insist on staying a Constitutional representative republic by and for “we the people” — and our government on all government levels (especially federal) govern with the consent of the governed, realizing they (the government) work for us and not we for them, and keeping their hands off our money/ property and rights — as “fascists” just know that they are the ones crafting and following the fascist path, their heels sharpened for our necks.

Full interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson on Fox and Friends:


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