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Hillary Spoke in Class Today…

Apparently lots of things make Hillary “sick” and her “skin crawl” … except her own beard of a husband. Hey, has she ever formally commented on Carlos Danger’s sick sexual BS? Better yet, has the uber-cowardly MSM even dared ask her about her right-hand gal’s husband’s acute and habitual sexually deviant proclivities?

And yes, if Hillary’s breathing, or her lips are moving or even if she’s in a booze induced trip-and-fall coma, the hag is lying. However, after watching and listening to her since her husband’s rise to the Oval Office in the 1990s, I have noticed when she uses that ‘lisp’ when she talks the lie is very deep and thick passing over her teeth and tongue.

You can also bet any money Hillary got from Weinstein as campaign contributions that she is now expected to purge herself of will be either going into the dwindling Clinton Foundation coffers or to Planned Parenthood so they can funnel it back to various democrat election campaigns.

By the way, you’ll notice the words being used in all these people’s “statements” on the situation never hit Harvey Weinstein directly, but deflect by using “the news” of “the reports”, etc., and then they generalize to expand focus away from this one man to force attention to sexual harassment everywhere. And then they immediately steer to “we must support those coming forward”. In a movement hell-bent on erasing the male population from society they surely are trying real hard to not let this crisis (in their own backsides) go to waste.

Very curious indeed.

Jesse Kelly spots silver lining in Hillary Clinton’s ‘shock’ over Weinstein scandal


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