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Why is the NY Times Ratting-Out a Liberal Giant Now?

Yes, we really are in the full-Monty agnostic-era of suspicious-minds of MSM intentions here in the infant years of the 21st Century. The boss and I have been pondering the ulterior motive for the liberal media to open the can of worms, and to have growing numbers of said Hollywood worms crawl out of that can in order to hammer more and more nails in Weinstein’s career and reputation coffin. These people never do anything without an agenda or a goal in-mind.

Thomas Lifson @ American Thinker: Why did the New York Times go after Harvey Weinstein, one of its own?

When the New York Times story on Harvey Weinstein’s sexual predation broke, I speculated that the reason the Times would go after a stalwart Dem donor was the irresistible nature of the scoop, and the prospect of it being lost, once the “O’Connor Memo” (an internal Weinstein Company report) was being leaked.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, a regular AT contributor, has a different perspective and emailed me:

My opinion: He was no longer truly one of their own.  At the annual Algemeiner Dinner in NYC, Weinstein openly praised the Israelis and how they are willing to fight.  He said he loves Israel…and admires how the Israelis use weapons to protect themselves.  He contrasted the Israelis with the misfortune of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto who did not, unfortunately, he said, have guns.  Indeed, he announced, as he had a few months previously, that he was in the midst of preparing and making a movie about the Warsaw Ghetto.  He loved fighting Jews, he said.

Nothing irks and riles the N.Y. Times more than someone who is a proud, vocal supporter of Israel, believes in Jews fighting in their own defense, physically and with guns…especially if that person is a liberal and Democrat.  That cannot be allowed!  And to boot, equating Israel’s efforts against the Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians with the Warsaw Ghetto.  They could never allow that.  No way!  So they brought him down.  They have dossiers on many they don’t use until they need to make an example.


The Times of Israel agrees: Why the NY Times is suddenly taking down Harvey Weinstein

I guess we will have to wait and see…

Hollywood Actors Who Condemn Trump but Were Silent on Weinstein

ROGER L. SIMON @ PJM: Harvey Weinstein Has Destroyed Hollywood — Now What?


One comment on “Why is the NY Times Ratting-Out a Liberal Giant Now?

  1. Good call! I didn’t see that at all! But it makes a lot of sense. Amazing how many stories have buried deep within its bosom a virulent strain of anti-Semitism that they’d rather not be visible. As an aside, I’ve been waiting excitedly for a really good film about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, one of the most heroic stories in that six year history filled with heroes. It would be a boffo hit, I’m certain.

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