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Hillary Clinton’s Shower-Inducing Statement on Mega-Donor Harvey Weinstein – UPDATED: Obamas Chime In

Forget about watching Weinstein as he showers.

You’ll need one after this:


Well …. yup.

Ugh. You got that right, Dana.

As the left busts ass to “virtue signal” everyone else, they have an acute lack-of-self-awareness syndrome these days.

Oh, shit noodles…

Meanwhile, at one of last January’s “Gaddammit, My Vagina Hurts Because Hillary Fucking Lost To A Man!” protest rallies…

The height of ironic hypocrisy that the same Hollywood that sat on their hands in a continued McCarthy era “Blacklisting” protest against Elia Kazan during the 1999 Oscars during his Lifetime Achievement Award presentation have not only been deafening silent all these decades about Harvey Weinstein but doing so in order to work for his movie company.


Mega-starlets are now coming forward. And what makes them mega is the fact they firsthand experienced Harvey Weinstein’s bullshit, even though they were the children of establishment Hollywood icons…

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow say Weinstein harassed them, too

UPDATE: Weinstein’s wife is leaving him and the Obamas chime in…

Harvey Weinstein’s wife says she is leaving her husband

Note: Their oldest daughter was doing an internship with Weinstein’s company.



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