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Harvey Weinstein is the “Stain” Spilled All Over Hollywood’s and the MSM’s Bed Linens

Pussy-hat, pussy-hat, where have you been?

“I’ve been to New York to see the White Queen.”

Pussy-hat, pussy-hat, what did you there?

“I pretended that Weinstein was not our affair.”Christopher Buckley

Days into this scandal reveal I find myself pondering the inspiration and motivation behind actress Ashley Judd’s “Women’s Day” “nasty woman!” performance art rant might not have been her thorn-footed disdain for the man who beat her gal Hillary out of her next tax-paid job but the man who she made the personal decision to allow to get away with actually one-on-one personally violating her with sexual abuse in the proverbial workplace. If her allegations about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein are, in fact, true, she horribly failed at her feminist activism by not protecting other potential victims by coming forward to expose the Hollywood juggernaut…

Hollywood Sex Assault Cover-Up Explodes: Asia Argento, 2 Others Accuse Weinstein of Rape

Harvey Weinstein accused of raping 3 women in shocking exposé: ‘He overpowered me’

Do I sound harsh and unsympathetic toward these victims and their flustered CYA counterparts out in Hollywood and NYC who have pretended they live in Utopia? Seriously, recall what MANY of them said immediately after the last election, and continue to say to this day, about those of us who did not vote for their “White Queen” who is married to the “Slick Sexual Predator King” whose victims DID come forward and were punished and ridiculed over and over again for decades by the loyal and devoted media and the Hollywood/MSM Clinton sycophants while Hillary threatened them, when she wasn’t laughing at them.

Weinstein is just the tip of this iceberg, in Hollywood and in the political limo-lib class. Drip-by-drip, another one, specifically one who prides himself on anti-Trumpisms and claiming to be a feminist champion, is exposed for the fake and liar they are. Outspoken Hollywood big mouth Joss Whedon was recently one, and outed by his own “ex”…

But take a long hard look, folks. This really is the liberal/leftist Hollywood mentality, folks. Just a day or so after being so praised for her statement (mostly trashing ‘the silence of the men’ and not the women) on the Harvey Weinstein scandal writer/actress Lena Dunham posts this shit on Twitter and then gets all defensive over being called out for its willful ignorance…

Rose McGowan criticizes Lena Dunham over now deleted Harvey Weinstein hot take

This broad has some serious unaddressed issues festering. I’d say family and friends need an intervention with her but they’re just as messed-up as she is.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence has remained silent so far about the decades of sexual harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein, who she has been very cozy with for years and even praised from the awards stage during an acceptance speech.

All these people now coming out and acting so indignant and faux apologetic over associating with Weinstein knew exactly what was going on for a long, long time and said/did nothing.

Author and journo NUKES Hollywood on Weinstein: ‘All these leftist actresses expressing shock are LYING’


And now we are supposed to swallow their vapid statements limp-wristedly condemning ‘the news’ about HW? They’re STILL trying to “maintain an even strain” on their careers in an industry that’s seen it’s box offices drop and public envying and idolizing and fawning over their ‘elegant lives’ dissolve in the face of reality as a vast percentage of the Hollywood worker bees decide their second job is political activism, which they aren’t any better at than reading someone else’s writing and pretending to be somebody else, + or – 20 pounds and more/less make-up.

And, day in, the lib/left celebrity elite class still just can’t make heads or tails out of this meteor of hypocrisy that just hit them smack in the face. I’m reading all these ‘condemnation’ statements from the Hollywood/celebs, especially the females, and I’m just not seeing any real outrage therein. It’s always a drive-by speedy “Oh, this ‘news’ is horrible…”, and then onto lionizing the women who allegedly finally came forward to rat the SOB out. After decades of covering for him and covering their own arses, while allowing him to continue to boulder-over more and more actresses and various other victims of his self-anointed dictatorship thuggery, these same now vocal victims and those who weren’t victimized but looked the other way or shrugged while singing HW’s praises always took very little time to slash and burn people/men who were not of their political stripe. Days after Trump’s inauguration they put on pink p***y hats and ‘female parts’ costumes and spewed their ‘nasty’ poems, bombing threats, and guttural empty statements of feminism, most aimed at Trump because of an open mic guy-to-guy remark on seducing women.

But here’s a man who held huge power over these ‘brave’ women who constantly talk about women’s rights and empowerment and they stayed silent, only to deflect their misplaced ire at other men who never even shared air with them.

And then there’s Meryl Streep who, for some reason, has decided to champion the news media every chance she gets lately wrapping her “Shocked by the ‘news’…” statement on Weinstein with a defense of the media. Seriously? They were paid for their silence just like the actresses were.

And what about Hollywood’s activist-minded leading men who allowed this dick to get away with his crap? Where’s the outrage over that from these female script-readers who just a year or so ago were bitching about being paid less than they are?

“ENABLERS: Matt Damon, Russell Crowe Helped Kill 2004 NYT Weinstein Expose”

Harvey Weinstein: George Clooney says alleged behaviour is ‘indefensible’

Seriously, George? Come on now! You’re a Hollywood industry powerhouse. Don’t act as if you hadn’t a clue about this, and most probably others still hidden.

Rob Schneider SHAMES Hollywood over Harvey Weinstein, makes disturbing confession

If we are looking for common sense, rational logic and reasoning, and consistency from this tarnished segment of our society we’d better not hold our collective breath because it just ain’t going to happen. Males rule Hollywood, and the females in that industry have allowed it to go on forever, even beyond the age of feminism. But their feminism is expendable when it comes to the various leftist cause/agenda. If they will not turn around and fight the wrongs in their own bubble, even at the expense of their careers, then why the Hell should we give two flying-fuck damns about anything they’re ranting about from a public stage with an anatomical hat on their head and their face red from screaming about their monthly cycle and stained bed linens?

Kurt Schlichter: Hollywood is America’s Conscience or Something

I am one conservative who is thankful for Hollywood’s collective inability not to say stupid things because I’m a columnist and these idiots are the gift that keeps on giving. Tired of writing about failing, fussy Fredocons and goose-stepping libs with a beef against the Bill of Rights? Well, like clockwork some genius will take to Twitter leveraging his GED and his supporting role as the sassy sidekick in a CW teen vampire dramedy to offer his super-insightful political/cultural insights to us normals and … BOOM! I have the launching pad for another sensational column.

And this week has been exceptional, truly exceptional, as Hollywood has attained peak fail. Much like how Washington, D.C., is Hollywood for ugly people, with notable exceptions, Hollywood is Washington, D.C., for stupid people.

And wow, have these Tinseltown twerps ever been stupid.


 I guess we should all be glad that Hillary donor Harvey Weinstein doesn’t like cigars. Regardless, the Hollywood crowd could have shown a little courage and kept other women from being victimized. But they didn’t. Yeah, Ashley the Uberfeminist sure was brave speaking out post-November against the guy who didn’t molest her and couldn’t harm her running-on-fumes career.

I am woman, hear me not roar, because I calculated it’s to my career advantage not to roar even if it means sacrificing some sisters along the way.

 The hell with Hollywood. It’s all lies, it’s all a pose, it’s all a scam, and we aren’t falling for it. But at least for the first time in a long time, Kimmel and his Tinseltown pals have us laughing again. Just not why they’d hoped.


That is exactly what the bulk of these post-Weinstein Hollywood statements have been stressing … We should support these brave heroes coming forward bullshit, when they have carried the banner of “feminist activist”, yet, were horribly inactive when it really counted! And as Kurt and I have stressed, deflected their hatred and vile-filled anger on a man who did nothing to them, except beat their ‘female’ presidential candidate in a fair and open election.

Jessica Chastain on Harvey Weinstein Claims: “I Was Warned From the Beginning”

FLASHBACK Reference to: Jessica Chastain posts teary apology video after sharing article on [GASP!] alt-left violence (9-1-17)

Alyssa Milano releases statement on why she said NOTHING about Weinstein

Mind you, this is a female fashion designer, and alleged pro-Hillary lib-feminist, that would typically NEVER allow anyone (conservative) to say this … even remotely (see: “dog-whistle”) hint this … about female victim(s) of a sexual predator/rapist…

Donna Karan defends pal Weinstein, says harassed women ‘may be asking for it’

If you want to blame these victims for something blame them for remaining silent on something they themselves could have made the ultimate sacrifice for to expose it and halt any future victims in the face of all their constant generalized and aimless blathering and bloviating over the issue for years! Not how they dress or how they carry themselves. You just destroyed atleast half a century of female empowerment with one sweeping ‘old school’ re-victimizing the victim taboo statement that was long ago thrown out when prosecuting rapists in court, you unmitigated idiot! But after taking hellfire this:

Donna Karan Apologizes For Weinstein Comments

Somebody tap the designer on her smug shoulder and inform her in countries/cultures where women are forced to completely cover themselves, head-to-toe, under threat of punishment, not only do they still get sexually abused/raped, but must have multiple witnesses in her defense (yes, their ‘defense’) during the rape trial to prove her innocence … many failing to provide such witnesses and often being imprisoned themselves and beaten, if not executed, for adultery. I just can’t with these Utopian-bubbled, mental-midget, limo-lib, hypocrite assholes anymore.

The most important takeaway from this Harvey Weinstein dust-up is just how misplaced any power given to the opinions of these people has been and apparently continues to be. They are posers and pretenders who are nothing more than selfish self-important, self-serving, self-preserving weak-minded hypocrites. For all their constant ‘virtue signaling’ for the rest of us outside of their beloved La La Land, it is obvious they are also fake preachers with no virtue or self-respect of their ‘convictions’ they insist we abide by. Hollywood, like the NFL and other pro-sports, is being shown for their unimportance in the full scope of life in these United States. Yeah, we’ll get bored. But this nation/republic was built on/by people who had to entertain themselves. I mean, how many times have you watched a movie and come away saying, “Even I could’ve written THAT better…?”

Hollywood has never, and will never, own up to their huge part in creating the highly sexualized, womanizing, objectifying, gun violence, racist pop culture that they pontificate against anytime a camera is shoved in their faces. And now we’re supposed to accept that they’re being genuine in their reactions to the Weinstein scandal they all participated in at some level or another, and follow their lead on anything political or issue related? That’d be a huge ‘Oh, hell no!’

And classic liberalism/leftist solution to problems with history, completely erase and obliterate any mention of it…

Harvey Weinstein’s name will reportedly be taken off movie and TV projects

So Hollywood’s tearing down its own ‘statues’ now eh? But Roman “wasn’t ‘rape’ rape of that little girl” Polanski is A-OK .


NOBODY objectifies and victimizes women more than the liberal/leftist misogynists do. And they are seldom, if ever, held accountable for it because those designed and fabricated cloaks of despicability are fitted only for political opponents…

Why are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama silent about Harvey Weinstein?

The Human Stain: Why the Harvey Weinstein Story Is Worse Than You Think: It goes much deeper than one big creep.

Move On Michelle And Take Barack And Hillary With You

Weinstein was a warning to Hillary


As Democrats (lamely) denounce Weinstein, Clintons and Obama stay mum

They’re allegedly ‘donating Weinstein dollars they’ve received … But guess how/where/why:

Democrats launder Harvey Weinstein’s dirty dollars:

All full of tears and flapdoodle. Democrats are returning Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s campaign contributions in the wake of revelations that he was a voracious sexual predator. But not to Weinstein, whose donations are tainted by the supposed disconnect between the women’s rights they claim to champion and Weinstein’s porcine behavior: Just to themselves.

They’re laundering Harvey’s dirty dollars through Democrat front groups dedicated to electing more Democrats. These include Emily’s List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights. And it’s only a fraction of what Weinstein donated to the Democratic National Committee anyway: $30,000 out of a collective total of $300,000. They’d rather keep the rest. They also ignore the inconvenient detail about Weinstein himself, whose money is being given back, and blame Trump.

The Hill reports:

The DNC said it chose the three groups “because what we need is more women in power, not men like [President] Trump who continue to show us that they lack respect for more than half of America.”

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance under fire after BOMBSHELL Harvey Weinstein audio released

Harvey Weinstein sex scandal: Detailing the allegations

How Harvey Weinstein’s ‘Furious and Embarrassed’ Wife, Marchesa Designer Georgina Chapman, Is Coping with Sexual Harassment Scandal

Lisa Bloom plays the victim in WEEPY tweetstorm about trying to defend Weinstein

Mmmm-hmmm… Well, that depends on “who’s” being accused, eh, Billz Hillz?


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