Part Two: Hillarycane Killery …

Ladies and Gentlemen, a brief coupla paragraph sampling from Hillary “Still Not and Never Will Be POTUS” Clinton’s latest published volume of zombie apocalypse toilet paper loaf…

Hillary Clinton Thinks Moral Of ‘1984’ Is That We Should Trust The Government And Media

Has Hillary Lost Her Grip on Reality? ‘Rely on Big Brother’ Was NOT the Message of Orwell’s 1984

The latest on Hillary Clinton’s latest waste of paper and ink book and her pathetic book tour across the sycophantic MSM nation…

Hillary sat down with NBC’s Matt Lauer (someone she’s added to the “Why I lost the 2016 Blame List” this morning …

Hillary: Okay, I Made Mistakes … But What About Comey And The Misogyny?

Lauer Asks Hillary: Do You Think Trump ‘Stole the Election’?

WTF!? Did Hillary REALLY just blame her loss on sexism AND reverse racism? (video)

O.M.G. … Clinton: ‘I Am Not Someone Who Will Say Things That Aren’t True’: Says she’s too honest for politics …?

Remember, this is the same woman whom the leftist MSM gleefully announced it was her turn to be POTUS, and nobody in the history of Creation was more qualified to be so. And they gave her over a year (don’t forget how they buried Benghazi and her emails and did not cover either) some of the most softballed fawning coverage while depicting candidate Donald Trump and his supporters as violent racist bigoted deplorables…

Biting the hand that FED her? Hillary Clinton RIPS NYT for ‘shoddy reporting’ on her email scandal

Clinton: I Think Democrats Will Continue to Face a ‘Very Difficult Media Environment’

LOL: Hillary Thinks The Media Environment Is ‘Very Difficult’ For The DemocratsDelusional.

And still do…

Hillary Clinton to ‘View’ pals: I would have won

CBS’s Pauley Mourns With Hillary About Election Loss to Trump

Adamant Whoopi, Behar Deny Trump Gets Negative Media Coverage on The View

Every fucking network was more than visibly smug, even through election night (until the poll closing results and state-calling started rolling in) that Hillary was going to be the next POTUS.

Really, Hillary? If the past over 200 days of PDJT is any indication of the MSM coverage and agenda is not snake-to-face-biting clear to you as to how easy it WILL be for democrats ahead…

Study: The Liberal Media’s Summer of Pummeling Trump

Study Finds Media Coverage of Trump During Summer Was 91 Percent Negative

Media justify anti-Trump bias, claim he’s too ‘dangerous’ for normal rules


Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book

Hillary Sees Herself As Naked Cersei Lannister From Game Of Thrones

Hillary Clinton: I Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Reporters, Lawmakers and Stick Them with Pins

Mark Steyn Sounds Off on Hillary’s ‘Hurricane’ of Excuses (VIDEO)

S.E. Cupp Mocks Hillary’s Stages of Grief With Dramatic Reading of New Book

‘The Most Important Thing to Hillary Is, as Always, Hillary’

We all know what happened, Hillary: you’re a loser! Now get over it and give the rest of us a break

Hillary Clinton’s warning to Democrats: Don’t be like Bernie


2 comments on “Part Two: Hillarycane Killery …

  1. Didn’t give her fair coverage, I meant to type.


  2. Every word out of Hillary’s mouth these days – every word – it’s all Newt Gingrich Syndrome.The official definition, which I made up is, if you want to know what the left is doing, watch what it is accusing us of. That is straight out of Gingrich’s mouth. And from that I identified the syndrome.
    A variation is if you want to know when Hillary is lying – well, you know – just watch what she is saying and turn it upside down.
    So if she says the media favored Trump and didn’t give her fear coverage – she actuality said that – turn it upside down and it is then the truth.
    Try it for everything she says now. It works every time.


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