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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 9-13-17

Good morning, fellow spectators!

Here’s to you all in Florida brewing your morning black gold on BBQ grills and camp stoves…


Photos: Florida feels the effects of Irma

Here’s What Disney World Looks Like After Hurricane Irma

Bill Maher Is So Excited That It Was Republicans in the Way of These Hurricanes!

‘The Nation’ Compares Climate Change Deniers to Murderers

Celebrities Turn Hurricane Benefit Concert into Left-Wing Sermon

Pumpkin Spice Lattes fund ‘white supremacy’ in Trump White House, according to feminist group

The Hillary book tour: Okay, I made mistakes … but what about Comey and the misogyny?

Rep. Gutierrez slams heroes, defends terrorists instead

California deputy’s murder blamed on Gov. Brown-backed prison reform

Pressure mounts on Facebook to release campaign ads bought by Russia

Mayor Ed Murray resigns after Seattle Times reports new sex abuse accusations … He’s a democrat, by the way. Just mentioning it because nowhere in the article does it mention he’s a republican, or anything else.

Antifa militants ready to break bones, invade homes

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by Rambling Nan…

WHAT’S WRONG WITH NANCY? Orders LGBT group to clap for Obama, laments ‘bulleting’ of youth

Nancy Pelosi repeatedly slurs, flubs name of ‘Hamilton’ playwright

Hey, Spectators, go out and make it a great ‘hump day’ and thank a utility worker while you’re at it…


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