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Weekend Dumpster Dive: News the MSM Refuses to Use

Maxine Waters Thinks US Should Give North Korea ‘Things That They’re Asking For’

Bombshell Report on the DNC Hack by Forensic Experts Claims It Was an Inside Job, Not the Russians

More on the leftist judge who approved Mueller’s grand jury

College student gets 100 days in slammer for registering dead voters for Dems

The real story of that Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting gets even stranger

How the Postal Service tried to swing the election for Hillary Clinton

Lib GW Law Professor Calls Manafort Warrant Excessive, ‘Very Troubling’

An Aussie Terror Warning: Islamic State came close to taking down a passenger plane

Spain is now helping Turkey arrest journalists

Even lefty Seymour Hersh agrees that the Russian fable begin in the mind of Obama’s CIA director.

Trump Dossier Firm Turns Over Documents To Senate Panel, But There’s Just One Problem

CNN abruptly cuts ties with Jeffrey Lord over tweet

From College Indoctrination to Corporate Intolerance

GOOGLE FALLOUT: Get ready for the ‘tech alt-right’ to gain power and influence in Silicon Valley.

You Heard It Here First: NY Times Editors Deny Reading Their Own Newspaper

Palin wins a battle in her war with the New York Times

Universities Slash Standards with Goal of Boosting Diversity: Education activist blasts ‘sad but real bias’ of academics after Georgetown Law drops LSAT requirement

Disaster: Philly’s Soda Tax Has Produced Miserable Results

Self-serving celebrity the MSM loves:

Halle Berry Says Her High School Was Racist. Her Classmates Lit Up Facebook to Set the Record Straight

Generous celebrity the MSM hates:

Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital Helps Burn Victim Deformed by Injuries When Others Couldn’t

Tim Tebow blasted a home run after inspiring moment with autistic boy … and then it got even better


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