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“Real Woman” vs “Not-A-Real-Woman”

Serena Williams slammed for saying she can’t wait to give birth and be a ‘real woman’

Today’s fake feminists seriously need to just step the hell off.
THIS is what SHE individually believes will make her a ‘real’ complete woman. It’s NOT about you collective harpies of constant outrage who believe what makes you a ‘real woman’ is to walk around in pink pussy hats, dopey ridiculous vagina costumes, and letting the public see your disgusting display of your ‘monthly bill’ or screaming about it from a stage. God bless her and her baby. I hope she has an easy time and all works out to be healthy and happy. After years of working her body-off to become a juggernaut athlete and build a career she deserves to voice her opinion about motherhood per her personal view.

Meanwhile, the social media and liberal MSM are celebrating this:

Chelsea Manning Changed the Course of History. Now She’s Focusing on Herself

God help us.


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